replace the hostapd preselection with a wpad preselection to enable proper client...
[openwrt/svn-archive/archive.git] / target / linux / ifxmips / files / arch /
2010-01-23 Felix Fietkauifxmips: fix mdio register access bitmask
2009-11-01 John Crispin[ifxmips] adds dsl support, thank you infineon/lantiq
2009-10-08 John Crispinifxmips: move header files, split up patches, rename...
2009-10-08 John Crispinseveral cleanups for ifxmips. removes all code that...
2009-10-02 John Crispinbump ifxmips to .30
2009-05-14 Imre Kalozmake kernels use /etc/preinit by default
2009-03-05 Thomas Langer[ifxmips] make selection of ASC for prom working
2008-12-16 Thomas Langer[ifxmips] some correction (sorry, was compiling old...
2008-12-16 Thomas Langer[ifxmips] many more code cleanups for
2008-12-16 Thomas Langer[ifxmips] cleanup sources and prepare for 2.6.27
2008-11-20 Thomas Langer[ifxmips] fix error from last commit
2008-11-20 Thomas Langer[ifxmips] some cleanups:
2008-07-06 John Crispinclean up board config
2008-07-06 John Crispinmake atheros wifi cards used on arcaydian 4519 ifxmips...
2008-07-05 John Crispinuse boards mac on boards with brn loader, on ifxmips
2008-07-05 John Crispinlots of ifxmips fixes and features
2008-06-29 John Crispinfixes mdio, adds runtime board configuration for ifxmips
2008-06-29 John Crispinlots of ifxmips cleanups
2008-06-28 John Crispinmake the serial poirt used by prom.c configurable for...
2008-06-28 John Crispinrename some ifxmips files
2008-06-28 John Crispinadd proper ebu locking to ifxmips
2008-06-28 John Crispinlots of ifxmips cleanups
2008-06-25 John Crispincleanup ifxmips and add support for both ttyS
2008-06-23 John Crispinlots of code cleanup for ifxmips
2008-06-22 John Crispinmove files, rename defines for ifxmips
2008-06-22 John Crispinfixes several compile errors, reserves memory for secon...
2008-06-17 John Crispincleanup ifxmips pci code
2008-06-17 John Crispinadds timer unit to ifxmips tree
2008-06-08 John Crispinadds gpiodev support to ifxmips
2008-06-07 John Crispinfixes ifxmips pci support and adds GENERIC_GPIO
2008-05-10 John Crispinfixes timer issues
2008-05-08 John Crispinbump ifxmips to
2008-01-12 John Crispinrevert some breakage
2007-12-27 John Crispinadd twinpass detection to ifxmips
2007-12-26 John Crispinadd selection of console driver for ifxmips
2007-12-26 John Crispinremove functions that was moved to board.c
2007-12-25 John Crispinturned ifxmips mtd driver into a platform device
2007-12-25 John Crispin added framework for chip detection on the ifxmips
2007-12-25 John Crispinmake ifxmips mii0 a platform device
2007-12-25 John Crispinmake ifxmips gpio a platform device
2007-12-25 John Crispinmake ifxmips able to handle platform devices
2007-12-24 John Crispinadd mei to ifxmips's makefiles
2007-12-22 John Crispinremove dbg printk from pci code
2007-12-22 John Crispinifxmips pci does not cause a hang anymore, but due...
2007-12-22 John Crispinmore danube 2 ifxmips transitions
2007-12-22 John Crispinmore danube 2 ifxmips transitions
2007-12-22 John Crispindanube to ifxmips transition
2007-12-22 John Crispinchange danube 2 ifxmips
2007-12-20 John Crispinmove danube folder to ifxmips, to allow future integrat...