replace old quote stripping with calls to qstrip macro
[openwrt/svn-archive/archive.git] / target / linux / ifxmips /
2010-04-27 Ralph Hempel[ifxmips] update Makefile
2010-04-27 Ralph Hempel[ifxmips] update danube target
2010-04-27 Ralph Hempel[ifxmips] fix atm compilation
2010-04-27 Ralph Hempel[ifxmips] add external irq
2010-04-27 Ralph Hempel[ifxmips] add ar9 target
2010-04-27 Alexandros C. Coul... sync to kernel
2010-04-25 Ralph Hempel[ifxmips] refresh 2.6.33 patches, add more mach support...
2010-04-25 Ralph Hempel[ifxmips] refresh .32 platform patches
2010-04-24 Ralph Hempel[ifxmips] add .32 patches
2010-04-22 Gabor Juhoskernel: refresh patches for, and drop md5sum...
2010-04-12 Nicolas Thilldefine a shared IMG_PREFIX variable used as a basename...
2010-04-10 John Crispin[ifxmips] adss 2.6.33 kernel patches, not defult yet...
2010-03-31 John Crispin[ifxmips] improve extract code
2010-03-30 John Crispin[ifxmips] prepare kernel for voip
2010-03-28 Nicolas Thillifxmips: remove old config files
2010-03-25 John Crispinfix for previous commit
2010-03-25 John Crispin[ifxmips] implement gpiolib drivers for core gpio and...
2010-03-24 John Crispin[ifxmips] typo
2010-03-24 John Crispin[ifxmips] adds support for airties wav-281/arcor a800...
2010-03-24 John Crispin[ifxmips] meta partition should not span brn-boot sector
2010-03-24 John Crispin[ifxmips] add phylib support to ethernet driver
2010-03-21 John Crispin[ifxmips] add register definitions for ebu
2010-03-18 John Crispin[ifxmips] Bugfix: do not call request_irq() with interr...
2010-03-18 John Crispin[ifxmips] make mtd handel 128k sectors properly, based...
2010-03-18 John Crispin[ifxmips] fixes board detection, signed off by Ithamar...
2010-03-18 John Crispin[ifxmips] Also build jffs2 images with 128k eraseblock...
2010-03-18 John Crispin[ifxmips] we have a maximum of 32 gpios
2010-03-18 John Crispin[ifxmips] Make it possible for boards to disable PCI...
2010-03-18 John Crispin[ifxmips] Calculate PCI BARMASK11 register value dynami...
2010-03-16 John Crispinifxmips - adds cf0001 swizzel patch, by/signed off...
2010-03-11 Nicolas Thilldo *not* enable CONFIG_PCI in generic config, but on...
2010-02-03 Felix Fietkaureplace the hostapd-mini preselection in profiles with...
2010-02-01 Jo-Philipp Wich[ifxmips] preinit: use grep -q where applicable
2010-01-25 Felix Fietkauadd preinit modularization work by Daniel Dickinson...
2010-01-23 Felix Fietkauifxmips: fix mdio register access bitmask
2009-12-27 Imre Kalozget rid of even more 2.6.28 stuff
2009-12-08 John Crispinifxmips: add CONFIG_SQUASHFS_SUPPORT_LZMA
2009-12-04 Florian Fainelli[kernel] update to 2.6.30, refresh patches
2009-11-29 Felix Fietkaukernel: move CONFIG_MIPS_FPU_EMU to generic kernel...
2009-11-11 Imre Kalozsome more Kconfig symbol move..
2009-11-11 Imre Kalozanother round of kernel config cleanups
2009-11-11 Imre Kalozsort all target config files
2009-11-01 John Crispin[ifxmips] adds dsl support, thank you infineon/lantiq
2009-10-27 Florian Fainelli[ifxmips] remove the 2.6.28 specific Kernel/Prepare...
2009-10-23 Florian Fainelli[kernel] update to
2009-10-19 John Crispinifxmips: fold files/drivers/* into patches
2009-10-08 John Crispinflash size was reported incorrectly
2009-10-08 John Crispinifxmips: move header files, split up patches, rename...
2009-10-08 John Crispinseveral cleanups for ifxmips. removes all code that...
2009-10-05 John Crispindont select atm modules yet for ifxmips
2009-10-04 John Crispinremove crypto moduels from ifxmips menuconfig
2009-10-04 John Crispinremove reference to bogus packet
2009-10-02 John Crispinbump ifxmips to .30
2009-09-10 Gabor Juhoskernel: get rid of the simple_prom_emulator, it is...
2009-09-10 Gabor Juhoskernel: add generic image_cmdline hack to MIPS targets
2009-06-15 Imre Kalozrfkill config cleanup
2009-06-02 Hauke Mehrtens[ifxmips] Fix accessing array after it end.
2009-05-18 Imre Kalozeven more config file cleanup
2009-05-15 Imre Kalozwithout generic 2.6.26 support it doesn't make sense...
2009-05-15 Imre Kalozconfig cleanups
2009-05-14 Imre Kalozsome additional config file cleanup..
2009-05-14 Imre Kalozmake kernels use /etc/preinit by default
2009-05-04 Imre Kalozsome more kernel config cleanup.. last for today :)
2009-05-04 Imre Kalozmore cleanup
2009-05-04 Imre Kalozcleanup MTD option handling
2009-05-04 Imre Kalozmove MFD stuff to the generic kernel configs
2009-05-03 Imre Kalozupgrade to newest stable kernel versions
2009-03-24 Hauke Mehrtens[kernel] update to kernel version
2009-03-17 Imre Kalozupdate other targets to, too
2009-03-05 Thomas Langer[ifxmips] make selection of ASC for prom working
2009-03-04 Thomas Langer[ifxmips] move kernel support to
2009-02-22 Felix Fietkaudisable all kernel config options that are set to =m
2009-02-21 Hauke Mehrtens[kernel] update to and
2009-02-15 Gabor Juhos[kernel] update to
2009-02-08 Gabor Juhos[kernel] update to
2009-01-25 Gabor Juhos[kernel] update to
2009-01-23 Gabor Juhos[kernel] switch to
2009-01-15 Gabor Juhos[kernel] update to
2009-01-02 Andy BoyettAdd hostapd-mini to default images where applicable
2008-12-21 Nicolas Thilladd missing config item spotted when hardware crypto...
2008-12-19 Gabor Juhos[kernel] update to
2008-12-16 Thomas Langer[ifxmips] some correction (sorry, was compiling old...
2008-12-16 Thomas Langer[ifxmips] many more code cleanups for
2008-12-16 Thomas Langer[ifxmips] forgot to disable USB gadget options
2008-12-16 Thomas Langer[ifxmips] cleanup sources and prepare for 2.6.27
2008-12-02 Gabor Juhos[kernel] make mips_machine stuff available for other...
2008-11-25 Imre Kalozmove THERMAL symbols into the generic config
2008-11-20 Thomas Langer[ifxmips] fix error from last commit
2008-11-20 Thomas Langer[ifxmips] some cleanups:
2008-11-12 Gabor Juhos[kernel] update to,, and...
2008-11-06 Gabor Juhos[kernel] refresh 2.6.26 patches
2008-10-23 Florian FainelliUpdate to
2008-09-26 Gabor Juhos[kernel] update to and
2008-09-25 John Crispinadd gpio_is_valid(); ifxmips, mmc_gpio was not building...
2008-09-25 Nicolas Thillmove CONFIG_MEDIA_ATTACH & CONFIG_VIDEO_ALLOW_V4L1...
2008-09-24 Nicolas Thilldisable CONFIG_USB_SUPPORT in generic config for 2...
2008-09-09 John Crispinbump ifxmips to
2008-08-28 Felix Fietkauremove bogus ifxmips network config override
2008-08-27 John Crispinifxmips should not overwrite DEFAULT_PACKAGES
2008-08-22 Gabor Juhos[kernel] update to and