brcm63xx: update development kernel to linux 3.14
[openwrt/svn-archive/archive.git] / target / linux / ramips /
2013-12-09 John Crispinralink: add asoc modules
2013-10-28 John Crispinralink: add package for mt7620 sdhci
2013-07-27 John Crispinramips: add back dwc_otg driver
2013-07-22 John Crispinralink: remove dwc_otg from
2013-07-15 John Crispinramips: make the old dwc driver depend on v3.9
2013-07-08 John Crispinralink: add i2c-ralink kmod info
2012-07-25 Florian Fainelli[ramips] move rt305x-dwc driver to target specific...