ssb: Fix the horrible crash of innocent cardbus cards.
[openwrt/svn-archive/archive.git] / target /
2008-02-19 Michael Büschssb: Fix the horrible crash of innocent cardbus cards.
2008-02-19 Michael Büschssb: Make the GPIO API reentrancy safe.
2008-02-19 Michael Büschssb: Update the GPIO API
2008-02-19 Michael BüschSSB: Update the watchdog fix to the patch version that...
2008-02-19 Jens MueckeAdding .24 support for olpc
2008-02-19 Michael Büschssb: Move the generic ssb fixes patch to the generic...
2008-02-19 Michael Büschssb: Workaround: Need subsys_initcall to be able to...
2008-02-19 Michael Büschssb: Update to latest upstream version of ssb.
2008-02-19 Andy BoyettPatch for extif watchdog support. Thanks b.sander....
2008-02-18 Michael Büschb43: Make probing of NPHY devices possible.
2008-02-18 Michael Büschssb: Fix serial console on new 47xx devices.
2008-02-18 Imre Kalozupgrade apex to 1.5.13, fixup EABI support
2008-02-18 Gabor Juhos[kernel] generic-2.4: add ip6t_REJECT support
2008-02-17 Michael Büschbcm47xx: We can use the ssb-invariants callback now,
2008-02-17 Michael Büschbcm47xx: Remove FIXME
2008-02-16 Michael Büschbcm47xx: Extract all available information from NVRAM...
2008-02-16 Michael BüschFix support for PCI devices behind a SSB->PCI bridge.
2008-02-14 Felix Fietkauadd eabi autoselection for the kernel as well - fixes...
2008-02-14 Felix Fietkaurevert ARM to oabi by default, add some eabi patches...
2008-02-13 Florian FainelliUpgrade brcm63xx to 2.6.24
2008-02-13 Florian FainelliUpgrade rdc to 2.6.24
2008-02-13 John Crispinremove old profile
2008-02-11 Gabor Juhos[brcm63xx] resync kernel config
2008-02-11 Imre Kalozupgrade & standardize kernel versions
2008-02-11 Imre Kalozupgrade sibyte to 2.6.24
2008-02-10 Florian FainelliAdd missing bridge ioctls to make bluez-utils compile...
2008-02-10 Imre Kalozupgrade iop32x to 2.6.24
2008-02-10 Imre Kalozprepare 2.6.24 on ixp4xx
2008-02-10 Imre Kalozfix typo
2008-02-09 Felix Fietkauuse cp instead of $(CP), because bzImage might be a...
2008-02-09 Gabor Juhos[adm5120] fix RB153 CompactFlash driver for .24
2008-02-09 Gabor Juhos[adm5120] switch to 2.6.24
2008-02-08 Matteo Crocecpmac: reapply [9664]
2008-02-08 Matteo Croce[AR7] build cpmac driver
2008-02-08 Matteo Croce[AR7] Update kernel to 2.6.24
2008-02-08 Matteo Croce[AR7] make current AR7 code 2.6.24 aware, for future use
2008-02-07 Imre Kalozupgrade AVR32 to 2.6.24 - sync with 2.6.24.atmel.1
2008-02-07 Matteo Croce[AR7] more 2.6.24 patches
2008-02-07 Felix Fietkauincrease the flash window size for ar5312 - there are...
2008-02-06 Nicolas Thillupdate uml readme with working cmdline example
2008-02-06 Nicolas Thillupdate uml to 2.6.24 (i386 only for now)
2008-02-04 Imre Kaloz* disable ikconfig by default
2008-02-03 Florian FainelliUpgrade au1000 to .24
2008-02-03 Felix Fietkauadd missing config selections
2008-02-03 Felix Fietkauimplement ar2313_adjust_link
2008-02-03 Imre Kalozconvert ppc44x to arch/powerpc, use squashfs images...
2008-02-03 Imre Kalozupgrade Magicbox to 2.6.24, create only squashfs rootfs...
2008-02-03 Gabor Juhos[adm5120] refresh .23 kernel paches
2008-02-02 Felix Fietkauadd missing kernel config option
2008-02-02 Felix FietkauDG834G Power LED fix
2008-02-02 Felix Fietkau"default-on" LED Trigger
2008-01-31 John Crispinupdate default packages
2008-01-31 John Crispinadd mopre default packages
2008-01-31 John Crispinmake avila have 6 pci devices, such that usb works
2008-01-31 Gabor Juhos[adm5120] enable switch driver for 2.6.24
2008-01-31 Gabor Juhos[adm5120] add 2.6.24 specific patchset for the usb...
2008-01-31 Gabor Juhos[adm5120] add a 2.6.24 specific patch for the switch...
2008-01-31 Gabor Juhos[adm5120] fix a switch driver bug
2008-01-31 Felix Fietkauport atheros to 2.6.24 (untested), but do not use the...
2008-01-30 Imre Kalozcopy leftover patch from 2.6.23
2008-01-30 Imre Kalozshow a rotating dash during jffs2 erase
2008-01-30 Imre Kalozremove binary sysctl number for KERN_PPC_L2CR
2008-01-30 Imre Kalozthe Magicbox doesn't have gigabit ethernet
2008-01-30 Gabor Juhos[adm5120] add preliminary support for 2.6.24
2008-01-30 Gabor Juhos[adm5120] don't use mips_machgroup
2008-01-30 Gabor Juhos[adm5120] more license cleanups
2008-01-30 Gabor Juhos[kernel] netfilter: fix compiler warnings in xt_layer7
2008-01-30 Gabor Juhos[adm5120] lzma-loader: fix compiler warnings
2008-01-30 Gabor Juhos[kernel] nefilter: fix chaostables on 2.6.24
2008-01-30 Gabor Juhos[kernel] netfilter: fix RTSP on 2.6.24
2008-01-30 Gabor Juhos[kernel] netfilter: fix xt_TARPIT on 2.6.24
2008-01-30 Gabor Juhos[kernel] netfilter: fix ipt_SET on 2.6.24
2008-01-29 Matteo Crocefixed war.h path
2008-01-29 Matteo Croce[AR7] added missing war.h
2008-01-29 John Crispinadded new ixp4xx target
2008-01-29 Gabor Juhos[adm5120] more license cleanups
2008-01-29 Gabor Juhosadd feature flag for the cpio.gz support
2008-01-29 Gabor Juhos[adm5120] image generation cleanups
2008-01-29 Gabor Juhos[adm5120] remove some unused files
2008-01-29 Gabor Juhos[adm5120] add experimental support for the Cellvision...
2008-01-29 Gabor Juhos[adm5120] license cleanup
2008-01-29 Matteo CroceAR7 2.6.24 config file
2008-01-29 Imre Kalozadd basic support for the AMCC PPC405EX Kilauea evaluat...
2008-01-29 Matteo Croce[AR7] refresh vlynq patch
2008-01-28 Imre Kalozadd upstream git patch for arch/powerpc
2008-01-28 Imre Kalozfix squashfs on 2.6.24
2008-01-28 Imre Kalozdisable chaostables for 2.6.24 until it's fixed
2008-01-28 Imre Kalozgeneric 2.6.24 support
2008-01-27 Imre Kaloz* Rename the AMCC target to PPC44x
2008-01-27 Imre Kalozupgrade the AMCC target to 2.6.23
2008-01-27 Imre Kalozadd BE I/O memory accessors for arch/ppc
2008-01-27 Imre Kaloz* Upgrade Magicbox to 2.6.23
2008-01-27 Felix Fietkauadd brcm47xx patch by crazy_imp to fix a patch chunk...
2008-01-27 Felix Fietkaukernel: add a default for CONFIG_NEW_GPIO
2008-01-26 Gabor Juhos[adm5120] remove 'svn:executable' property from adm5120...
2008-01-26 John Crispinadd userspace tool for gpio_dev
2008-01-26 John Crispinadd missing header file
2008-01-26 Felix Fietkauadd patch for including unpartitioned space in the...
2008-01-26 John Crispinremove binary file
2008-01-26 John Crispinadd generic gpio char dev for CONFIG_GENERIC_GPIO archs