brcm63xx: HG553 buttons support
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2015-07-16 Jonas Gorskibrcm63xx: HG553 buttons support
2015-07-15 Jonas Gorskibrcm63xx: switch to 4.1
2015-07-15 Felix Fietkauar8216: add swconfig attributes for ARL table flushing
2015-07-15 Felix Fietkauar8216: adjust ATU flushing in case of link changes
2015-07-15 Felix Fietkauar8216: add ARL table flushing per port
2015-07-15 Felix Fietkauar8216: add reading ARL table for AR8216/AR8236/AR8316
2015-07-14 Hauke Mehrtensadm5120: do not config something as module
2015-07-14 Hauke Mehrtensbcm53xx: fix usb3 build with kernel 4.1
2015-07-14 John Crispinbrcm2708: partially revert r46347 to fix sysupgrade
2015-07-14 John Crispinx86: add kmod-acpi-button and kmod-button-hotplug to...
2015-07-14 Rafał Miłeckibcm53xx: add early support for Netgear R7000
2015-07-14 John Crispinbuild: Prevent more gzip timestamps
2015-07-14 John Crispinramips: added gpio spi refclk support for wrtnode board
2015-07-14 John Crispingemini: switch to 4.1
2015-07-14 John Crispingemini: add 4.1 support
2015-07-14 John Crispingemini: add NAS packages to Raidsonic profile
2015-07-14 John Crispingemini: copy kernel image to BIN_DIR
2015-07-14 John Crispinramips: added led support for wrtnode board
2015-07-14 John Crispinramips: adding support for OY-0001 Wireless Router
2015-07-14 John Crispinramips: mt7620 ArcherC20i USB support
2015-07-14 John Crispinbrcm2708: Implement sysupgrade
2015-07-14 John Crispinkernel: fix build with CONFIG_MTD unset
2015-07-14 John Crispingeneric: add missing symbol
2015-07-14 John Crispinbrcm2708: add DT support
2015-07-14 John Crispinar71xx: add support for the devolo dLAN pro 1200+ WiFi ac
2015-07-14 John Crispinar71xx: add support to use gpio irqs
2015-07-14 John Crispinar71xx: add support for the devolo dLAN pro 500 Wireless+
2015-07-12 Hauke Mehrtensx86: Make virtualization guests built for pentium4...
2015-07-12 Hauke Mehrtenskernel: refresh patches on linux 3.18
2015-07-12 Hauke Mehrtenssunxi: enable CONFIG_EXPERT
2015-07-12 Hauke Mehrtenskernel: add missing config option
2015-07-12 Hauke Mehrtensmvebu: make patches apply against 3.18.18 again
2015-07-11 Hauke Mehrtenskernel: update 4.1 to 4.1.2
2015-07-11 Hauke Mehrtenskernel: update 4.0 to 4.0.8
2015-07-11 Hauke Mehrtenskernel: update 3.18 to 3.18.18
2015-07-10 Felix Fietkauramips: collect rx related members to fe_rx_ring struct
2015-07-10 Felix Fietkauramips: add xmit_more support
2015-07-09 John Crispinar71xx: compex wpe72 add space to include statement
2015-07-09 John Crispinar71xx: compex wpj531 register usb support
2015-07-09 John Crispinar71xx: compex wpj531 fix setting mac address on ethernet
2015-07-09 John Crispinar71xx: compex wpj531 fix ethernet registration
2015-07-09 John Crispinar71xx: ag71xx remove IRQF_DISABLED
2015-07-09 John Crispinmpc85xx: Enable RFKill and USB Power GPIO Control for...
2015-07-08 John Crispinar71xx: fix board name ordering
2015-07-08 John Crispinbase-files: implemented basic GPIO control
2015-07-08 John Crispinar71xx: Fix LED-to-phy mapping for EnGenius ESR1750.
2015-07-08 John Crispinmalta: add harddisk support
2015-07-08 Felix Fietkaumpc85xx: disable SPE FPU support until musl gets suppor...
2015-07-08 Felix Fietkaukernel: add missing config symbol (fixes #19880)
2015-07-08 Felix Fietkaukernel: add missing 4.1 config symbol
2015-07-07 Felix FietkauRevert "ar71xx: Allow to use ath79_gpio_output_select...
2015-07-07 John Crispinar71xx: Add support for Cisco-Linksys WAP4410N
2015-07-07 John Crispinar71xx: add support for D-Link DIR-615 rev. Ix board
2015-07-07 John Crispinmips: Free memory when load_module fails (#14453)
2015-07-07 John Crispinar71xx: Unify ath10k calibration data loading
2015-07-07 John Crispinar71xx: Use *_eth_cfg helper for Open Mesh MR900 boards
2015-07-07 John Crispinar71xx: Allow to use ath79_gpio_output_select on QCA955x
2015-07-07 John Crispinar71xx: add support for TL-WR741ND v5
2015-07-07 John Crispingeneric: mtd backport for Spansion S25FL164K
2015-07-07 John Crispinar71xx: Add Support for the Bitmain Antminer S3
2015-07-07 John Crispinar71xx: allow pci calibration fixup to work with ar9344
2015-07-07 John Crispinar71xx: add support for ubnt rocket-m ti
2015-07-07 John Crispinx86/xen_domu: enable image generation
2015-07-07 John Crispinar71xx: Enable sysupgrade on the Bitmain Antminer S1
2015-07-07 John Crispinar71xx: Fix WAN port location on EnGenius ESR1750 and...
2015-07-07 John Crispinar71xx: add LED defaults for the EnGenius EPG5000
2015-07-07 John Crispinlantiq: Add support for Arcadyan ARV8539PW22 (Speedport...
2015-07-07 John Crispinlantiq: Add support for the BT Home Hub 5A
2015-07-07 John Crispinlantiq: Silence the printk when a PCIe error interrupt...
2015-07-07 John Crispinlantiq: Make the MEI address available for kernel drivers
2015-07-07 John Crispingeneric: Allow configuring an increment with mtd-mac...
2015-07-07 John Crispinlantiq: Change the data-type of mac address in ETOP...
2015-07-07 John Crispinlantiq: Add support for linux 4.1
2015-07-07 John Crispinramips: a5-v11 board fix power led blinking at boot
2015-07-07 John Crispinramips: fix typo in WHR1166D mtd size variable
2015-07-07 Felix Fietkauar71xx: add support for ap143
2015-07-07 Felix Fietkauar71xx: rework patch for qca953x/956x
2015-07-07 Felix Fietkauar71xx: fix ethernet initialization on QCA953x-based...
2015-07-06 Felix Fietkauar71xx: fix kernel Oops in at803x_link_change_notify
2015-07-06 Felix Fietkauar71xx: update preinit script for new ath10k firmware
2015-07-06 Felix Fietkauar71xx: fix UAP-PRO images
2015-07-05 Jonas Gorskiar71xx: microtik: disable all non-microtik boards
2015-07-05 Jonas Gorskiar71xx: EPG5000 requires ATH79_NVRAM
2015-07-05 Jonas Gorskiixp4xx: add linux 4.1 support
2015-07-05 Jonas Gorskikernel: add a few more missing config symbols
2015-07-05 Jonas Gorskikernel: generic: add missing arm machtypes
2015-07-05 Jonas Gorskiar7: add linux 4.1 support
2015-07-05 Jonas Gorskikernel: mips_disable_fpu: initialize fault_addr in...
2015-07-05 Jonas Gorskibrcm63xx: use IRQCHIP_DECLARE instead of self-baked...
2015-07-05 Jonas Gorskibrcm63xx: 4.1: switch to upstream UHI interface
2015-07-04 Florian Fainelliat91: add Device Tree based board detection
2015-07-04 Florian Fainelliat91: sama5d3: enable USB2 by default
2015-07-04 Florian Fainelliat91: enable Micrel PHY driver
2015-07-03 Hauke Mehrtenskernel: b53: fix build with brcm47xx
2015-07-03 Hauke Mehrtensbrcm47xx: add support for kernel 4.1
2015-07-03 Jonas Gorskiar71xx: make 902-unaligned_access_hacks.patch apply...
2015-07-03 Jonas Gorskikernel: improve uapi headers coexistence with musl
2015-06-30 Jonas Gorskikernel: update 4.0 to 4.0.7
2015-06-30 Jonas Gorskikernel: update 3.18 to 3.18.17
2015-06-30 Jonas Gorskibrcm63xx: swap a4001n power leds again