Remove ldd/ldconfig for the moment (#1551)
[openwrt/svn-archive/archive.git] / toolchain / uClibc / Makefile
2007-04-04 Florian FainelliRemove ldd/ldconfig for the moment (#1551)
2007-04-04 Hamish GuthrieCleanups on romboot and u-boot.
2007-04-03 Florian FainelliAdd ldd and ldconfig support, template packages derived...
2007-02-24 Felix Fietkauupgrade to uClibc
2006-10-26 Tim Yardleyadd a configuration option to enable full c99 math...
2006-10-18 Felix Fietkauimprove parallel building
2006-10-13 Felix Fietkaufinally move buildroot-ng to trunk