packages: add missing conffiles define
[openwrt/svn-archive/archive.git] / utils / hd-idle / Makefile
2011-11-16 Nicolas Thillpackages: add missing conffiles define
2011-11-11 Nicolas Thillpackages/hd-idle: fix stupid copy/paste in r28949
2011-11-11 Nicolas Thillpackages/hd-idle: use new service functions
2011-04-13 Luka Perkovminor update hd-idle
2011-04-13 Jo-Philipp Wich[packages] hd-idle: readd PKG_BUILD_DIR
2011-04-12 Jo-Philipp Wich[packages] hd-idle: remove redundant PKG_BUILD_DIR...
2011-04-12 Jo-Philipp WichVersion bump hd-idle to 1.03. 1.02 and 1.03 were bugfix...
2010-10-31 Florian Fainelli[package] update hd-idle to 1.01 (#8152)
2009-06-13 Hauke Mehrtens[packages] Various Makefile cleanups.
2009-04-17 Felix Fietkaunuke $Id$ in /packages as well
2008-10-06 Felix Fietkaupackages must not be moving targets that reference...
2008-10-02 Oliver Ertl[packages]: Add utils/hd-idle package