2005-11-07 Felix Fietkaufix wificonf menuconfig depends
2005-11-07 Felix Fietkauadd missing .configured target
2005-11-07 Felix Fietkauadd missing .configured target
2005-11-07 Felix Fietkauadd missing .configured target
2005-11-07 Felix Fietkauadd missing .configured target
2005-11-07 Felix Fietkauadd missing .configured target to psybnc
2005-11-07 Felix Fietkaufix openswan rebuild
2005-11-07 Felix Fietkaufix image builder
2005-11-07 Felix Fietkaufix amwall compile (conflict with V=)
2005-11-07 Felix Fietkauremove backup/restore for now. will add proper scripts...
2005-11-07 Felix Fietkauinclude functions and network config in hotplug
2005-11-07 Felix Fietkaufix wificonf install
2005-11-07 Felix Fietkaufix br2684ctl install
2005-11-07 Felix Fietkaudisable squashfs auto-clean for non-broadcom stuff
2005-11-07 Felix Fietkauadd hotplug stuff to trunk/
2005-11-07 Felix Fietkauadd first batch of enrik's ar7 system code cleanups
2005-11-07 Nicolas Thilladd wknock package (thanks to Florian Fainelli)
2005-11-06 Nicolas Thilladd iptables-snmp package (thanks to Nigel Roberts)
2005-11-06 Nicolas Thillfix alsa kmod build on 2.6/mipsel (fix #7),
2005-11-06 Nicolas Thilladd support for dynamic loading agent modules (suggeste...
2005-11-06 Nicolas Thilladd slurm package (thanks to Thomas Reifferscheid)
2005-11-06 Nicolas Thillfix wrong menuconfig dependencies
2005-11-06 Nicolas Thilladd psybnc package (thanks to Peter Feuerer)
2005-11-06 Nicolas Thilladd snort-wireless package (thanks to Florian Fainelli)
2005-11-06 Nicolas Thillfix wrong snort build dependencies
2005-11-06 Nicolas Thillfix wrong ulogd plugins build dependencies
2005-11-06 Nicolas Thillupdate postgresql to new upstream release (v7.4.9)
2005-11-06 Nicolas Thillupdate openldap to new upstream release (v2.2.29)
2005-11-06 Nicolas Thilllink against libnotimpl for ceilf (fix #5)
2005-11-06 Nicolas Thilladd ceilf wrapper (not present in uClibc-0.9.28)
2005-11-06 Nicolas Thillfix another dependency bug introduced by [2333] (last...
2005-11-06 Nicolas Thillfix another dependency bug introduced by [2333]
2005-11-06 Nicolas Thillfix another dependency bug introduced by [2333]
2005-11-06 Nicolas Thillfix a dependency bug introduced by [2333]
2005-11-06 Nicolas Thillupdate ipkg patch to v1.99.154,
2005-11-06 Nicolas Thillfix iproute2 (ip & tc) build broken by [2333]
2005-11-06 Nicolas Thillre-enable alsa and openswan on brcm-2.6 (disabled by...
2005-11-05 Nicolas Thillfix lua build broken by [2333]
2005-11-05 Nicolas Thillfix cups rebuild broken by [2336]
2005-11-05 Nicolas Thillupdate lighttpd to new upstream release (v1.4.7)
2005-11-05 Nicolas Thillbackport symlink fix from whiterussian [2328]
2005-11-05 Nicolas Thillbackport asterisk dependencies fix from whiterussian...
2005-11-05 Nicolas Thilluse target optimization cflags
2005-11-05 Nicolas Thillreorganize/rationalize/format package menuconfig,
2005-11-04 Nicolas Thillfix shlib dependencies on libstdc++
2005-11-04 Nicolas Thilldisable support for things we don't have (yet) explicit...
2005-11-04 Nicolas Thilladd a dependency to kmod-openswan (fix #2)
2005-11-04 Nicolas Thillfix another typo introduced by [2317]
2005-11-03 Nicolas Thillsync the x86-2.6 config with the brcm-2.6 one
2005-11-03 Nicolas Thillsync the brcm-2.6 config with the 2.4 one
2005-11-03 Nicolas Thillfix module path in kmod-pwc template
2005-11-03 Nicolas Thilldisable alsa and openswan on brcm-2.6
2005-11-03 Nicolas Thilladd 2.6 support for x86
2005-11-02 Nicolas Thillfix typos introduced by [2317]
2005-11-02 Nicolas Thillrework the 2.6 Makefile to match the 2.4 one,
2005-11-02 Nicolas Thilladd drivers-clean target when missing,
2005-11-02 Nicolas Thilladd missing kmod-nls-iso8859-15 ipkg/control file
2005-11-02 Nicolas Thillrework the kernel menuconfig,
2005-11-02 Nicolas Thillsort modules
2005-11-02 Nicolas Thillbackport base-files fix from whiterussian [2308],
2005-11-02 Nicolas Thilluse the cross-compiler to build additional packages
2005-11-01 Nicolas Thillfix 2.6 modules pattern using a common LINUX_KMOD_SUFFI...
2005-11-01 Nicolas Thilladd kmod-net-e100 and kmod-pcmcia packages,
2005-11-01 Nicolas Thillfix typos, sort template calls
2005-10-31 Nicolas Thillupdate to new upstream release (v0.99.154),
2005-10-31 Nicolas Thillonly build and install utils here,
2005-10-31 Nicolas Thilladd more missing svn:keywords and Id tag
2005-10-31 Nicolas Thilladd svn:keywords and Id tag
2005-10-25 Nicolas Thillbackport asterisk changes from whiterussian [2300]
2005-10-25 Nicolas Thillbackport from whiterussian [1371]
2005-10-24 Felix Fietkaufix typo in gcc config
2005-10-24 Nicolas Thillcontinue massive kernel menuconfig reorganization
2005-10-24 Nicolas Thillcontinue massive kernel menuconfig reorganization
2005-10-24 Felix Fietkauremove another unnecessary message
2005-10-24 Felix Fietkauremove some unnecessary messages
2005-10-23 Nicolas Thilladd support for more network devices,
2005-10-23 Felix Fietkaufix package rebuilding
2005-10-23 Felix Fietkaufix 2.4 config for pf-ring
2005-10-23 Felix Fietkauadd -funit-at-a-time in trunk/ as well
2005-10-23 Felix Fietkaucosmetic fix for V= stuff
2005-10-23 Felix Fietkauupdate linux 2.6 config for pf-ring
2005-10-23 Nicolas Thillrename madwifi patch to madwifi-ng
2005-10-23 Felix Fietkauset base-files version number back to 4
2005-10-23 Nicolas Thillrename soekris port to x86
2005-10-23 Nicolas Thilladd "svn:keywords" prop
2005-10-23 Nicolas Thillfix hostap build when target arch != mipsel
2005-10-23 Imre Kalozturn tcp vegas on by default
2005-10-23 Nicolas Thillfix xsupplicant build against madwifi-ng introduced...
2005-10-23 Nicolas Thilladd hostap kernel driver
2005-10-23 Nicolas Thillremove spurious spaces
2005-10-23 Nicolas Thillupdate hostapd to latest development release (v0.4.5),
2005-10-23 Nicolas Thillupdate wpa_supplicant to latest development release...
2005-10-23 Nicolas Thillupdate dhcp to new upstream release (v3.0.3)
2005-10-23 Nicolas Thilladd miredo package
2005-10-23 Imre Kalozreplace madwifi with madwifi-ng
2005-10-23 Nicolas Thillbuild c++ sources without rtti
2005-10-22 Felix Fietkaufix stupid typo
2005-10-22 Felix Fietkauadd pf_ring patches for kernel and libpcap
2005-10-22 Felix Fietkausync pptp ifup script with whiterussian
2005-10-22 Felix Fietkauproper error handling in package/Makefile