2008-12-25 Matteo Croceadd MD5 for the kernel 2.6.28
2008-12-24 Jo-Philipp... add sysupgrade support for ar360w3g
2008-12-24 Felix Fietkauuci: work around a gcc bug which causes a bogus compile...
2008-12-24 Felix Fietkauadd the 'ead' package (emergency access daemon),
2008-12-23 Gabor Juhos[ar71xx] use SoC specific irq dispatch code
2008-12-23 Felix Fietkaubackport ipv6 security fix to 2.4 (#4245)
2008-12-23 Felix Fietkauupgrade uci to 0.7.0 - adds ucimap and fixes #4236
2008-12-22 Felix Fietkauadd siit for stateless ip and icmp translation to ipv6
2008-12-22 Felix Fietkaufix spi-ks8995 compile
2008-12-22 Felix Fietkauwpa_supplicant has been upgraded and previous version
2008-12-22 Felix Fietkauremove the obsolete ixp4xx-npe package and references...
2008-12-22 Felix Fietkauatheros: reset ethernet mac when running ifconfig eth0...
2008-12-22 Jo-Philipp... allow ipv4 routes without gateway in configuration
2008-12-21 Felix Fietkaufix opkg overlay_root option for jffs2-only images
2008-12-21 Jo-Philipp... fix typo in atheros image makefile
2008-12-21 Nicolas Thilladd dependency on 2.6.26+, current version needs 'get_u...
2008-12-21 Nicolas Thilladd dependency on rb532 target for its CF module
2008-12-21 Nicolas Thilladd missing config item spotted when hardware crypto...
2008-12-20 Gabor Juhos[kernel] fix kernel version for
2008-12-20 Gabor Juhos[ar71xx] fix GPIO function select bit definitions ...
2008-12-20 Gabor Juhos[ar71xx] rb-4xx: setup code cleanup
2008-12-19 Gabor Juhos[ar71xx] improve Ubiquiti RouterStation support (based...
2008-12-19 Gabor Juhos[kernel] oops, forgot the md5 of the tarball
2008-12-19 Gabor Juhos[kernel] update to
2008-12-19 Gabor Juhos[ar71xx] rename RouterStation stuff, and add machine...
2008-12-19 Florian Fainelli[brcm63xx] add board registration of the bcm96338gw
2008-12-19 Florian Fainelli[brcm63xx] 6338 has no PCI
2008-12-19 Florian Fainelli[brcm63xx] add experimental support for bcm6338
2008-12-19 Florian FainelliRegister watchdog driver
2008-12-19 Florian Fainelli[brcm63xx] fix register definitions for bcm6358, thanks...
2008-12-19 Florian Fainelli[brcm63xx] resync kernel configuration
2008-12-19 Felix Fietkaureduce the binary size of libpcap based programs that...
2008-12-18 Hamish GuthrieAmend patch handling in ps3
2008-12-18 Gabor Juhos[tools] firmware-utils/mkfwimage: add RouterStation...
2008-12-18 Hamish Guthriecleanup
2008-12-18 Hamish Guthriere-arrange ps3 tree
2008-12-18 Hamish GuthrieRemove legacy kernel load patch - no longer required
2008-12-17 Florian FainelliAdd bcm63xx_wdt but do not enable it yet
2008-12-17 Gabor Juhos[ar71xx] add support for Macronix mx25lxxx flash chips...
2008-12-17 Florian FainelliAlso move to scripts/flashing
2008-12-17 Florian FainelliMove flashing scripts to scripts/flashing/
2008-12-17 Florian FainelliAdd flashing script for adsl2mue (#3994)
2008-12-17 Gabor Juhos[ar71xx] generate firmware image for the TEW-652BRP...
2008-12-17 Gabor Juhos[kernel] 2.6.26: fix crypto modules build failure
2008-12-16 Thomas Langer[ifxmips] some correction (sorry, was compiling old...
2008-12-16 Thomas Langer[ifxmips] many more code cleanups for
2008-12-16 Thomas Langer[ifxmips] forgot to disable USB gadget options
2008-12-16 Thomas Langer[ifxmips] cleanup sources and prepare for 2.6.27
2008-12-16 Gabor Juhos[kernel] update to and refresh patches
2008-12-15 Gabor Juhos[ar71xx] sync kernel configs
2008-12-15 Gabor Juhos[ar71xx] prepare for RouterStation support
2008-12-15 Gabor Juhos[ar71xx] move machine setup code
2008-12-15 Gabor Juhos[ar71xx] refresh 2.6.28 patches
2008-12-15 Gabor Juhos[kernel] refresh 2.6.28 patches
2008-12-15 Gabor Juhos[kernel] add simple prom emulator to 2.6.2{7,8} as...
2008-12-15 Imre Kalozadd WUSB related symbols to the generic 2.6.28 config
2008-12-15 Imre Kalozupgrade compat-wireless to 2008-12-11
2008-12-15 Nicolas Thilladd a patch helping available storage space detection...
2008-12-15 Felix Fietkaumove linux/switch.h to generic files/ instead of the...
2008-12-15 Gabor Juhos[ar71xx] tew-632brp: add status LED
2008-12-15 Gabor Juhos[ar71xx] tew-632brp: register GPIO buttons
2008-12-15 Gabor Juhos[ar71xx] tew-632brp: register GPIO LEDs
2008-12-15 Gabor Juhos[ar71xx] tew-632brp: use LZMA compressed uImage
2008-12-14 Gabor Juhos[kernel] fix MIPS prom emulator patch
2008-12-14 Gabor Juhos[ar71xx] generate firmware image for the TEW-632BRP...
2008-12-14 Gabor Juhos[ar71xx] enable simple prom emulator
2008-12-14 Gabor Juhos[kernel] add simple prom emulator for MIPS
2008-12-14 Gabor Juhos[ar71xx] tew-632brp: register flash device
2008-12-14 Florian FainelliAdd sizeof of unsigned long long
2008-12-14 Gabor Juhos[kernel] fix myloader partition parser on 2.6.28
2008-12-13 Mirko Vogtcall preinit instead of init
2008-12-13 Mirko Vogtchange prefix for kernelpatchbase 2.6.26
2008-12-12 Michael Büschmoko nand blocksize is 128k
2008-12-12 Michael Büschmoko: Fix patch so it applies properly. This fixes...
2008-12-12 Florian FainelliBuild images for Inventel Livebox
2008-12-12 Mirko Vogtchanged Makefile and profiles, added patches for kernel...
2008-12-12 Imre Kalozdisable IMQ on 2.6.28 as well -- people should use...
2008-12-12 Nicolas Thilladd a workaround preventing opkg to install anything...
2008-12-12 Florian FainelliFix the default negotiation to be 10Mbits HD on some...
2008-12-12 Mirko Vogtadd support for target 3c24xx (more known as Openmoko...
2008-12-11 Michael BüschBuild the root fs.
2008-12-11 Florian FainelliResync kernel config
2008-12-11 Florian FainelliAlloz aead and friends to compile for 2.6.27 targets...
2008-12-11 Michael BüschAdd basic framework for the openmoko platform.
2008-12-11 Imre Kalozload crypto_blkcipher before cryptomgr.. *sigh*
2008-12-11 Nicolas Thilladd an "Installed-Size" field to package control files...
2008-12-11 Nicolas Thillremove references to kmod-crypto-aead, removed in ...
2008-12-11 Nicolas Thillload aead after crypto_algapi
2008-12-11 Hamish Guthrieadd a suitable default config for ps3 petitboot
2008-12-11 Hamish GuthrieAdd kexec load legacy kernel patch
2008-12-11 Hamish GuthrieAdd kernel
2008-12-11 Hamish GuthrieRemove package libtwin - should be in packages, not...
2008-12-11 Hamish GuthrieAdd libtwin package for PS3 petitboot bootloader
2008-12-11 Imre Kalozupgrade to 2.6.28-rc8
2008-12-11 Imre Kalozload aead automatically, too
2008-12-10 Florian FainelliFix typo, we are not building for the DG834G (ar7)...
2008-12-10 Mirko Vogtset Package/rt2800-pci to BROKEN
2008-12-10 Mirko Vogtmac80211 updated to 2008-12-10 due to 404-download...
2008-12-10 Imre Kalozdefrag needs to be loaded before conntrack_ipv4
2008-12-10 Imre Kalozmove aead into crypto-core