2007-07-31 Felix Fietkautspc: cleanup, fix cflags
2007-07-31 Felix Fietkauptrtd: cleanup, fix cflags
2007-07-31 Felix Fietkaudibbler: fix cflags
2007-07-31 Felix Fietkaucleanup, fix usage of cflags
2007-07-31 Felix Fietkaufix cflags in gkrellmd
2007-07-30 Tim Yardleyupgrade olsrd to 0.5.2
2007-07-30 Tim Yardleyupdate freeradius to reflect moved structure and refres...
2007-07-30 Tim Yardleyupdate to php 5.2.3, bugfixes and security fixes.....
2007-07-30 Tim Yardleyupdate to python 2.5.1, security and bug fixes... clean...
2007-07-30 Florian FainelliFix freeradius compilation (#2134)
2007-07-30 Oliver Ertlsorry
2007-07-30 Oliver Ertlrrs:
2007-07-30 Oliver Ertlrrs: fix dependencies
2007-07-30 Oliver Ertlrrs:
2007-07-30 Oliver Ertlntpclient: fix and cleanup
2007-07-29 John Crispinmpd will now let alsa be enabled if the soundcore kmod...
2007-07-29 Oliver Ertlyapsnmp: fix annoying warning message
2007-07-28 Oliver ErtlAdd unfs3
2007-07-27 Tim Yardleyupgrade to postgres 8.2.4, adds some crash fixes
2007-07-27 Tim Yardleyadd readline support to postgres as well
2007-07-27 Tim Yardleyadd readline support for python
2007-07-27 Florian FainelliFix fortune-mod compilation on 64bits hosts (#2136)
2007-07-26 Oliver Ertlmc: add a patch to fix the annoying error message about...
2007-07-26 Oliver Ertlmc: add a better title and description
2007-07-26 Oliver ErtlAdd mc package
2007-07-26 Oliver Ertllighttpd:
2007-07-26 Florian FainelliAdd uvc-streamer (#2120)
2007-07-25 Tim Yardleyrefresh patches and update to STABLE14 of squid
2007-07-25 Florian FainelliMove freeradius libs to /usr/lib since the configure...
2007-07-25 Florian FainelliAdd libnmeap (#1999)
2007-07-23 Tim Yardleyyapsnmp library for python
2007-07-23 Tim Yardleyallow special types
2007-07-23 Felix Fietkauupdate mksh to R29g
2007-07-20 Tim Yardleyenable mib loading, required for a soon to be committed...
2007-07-20 Oliver Ertlupdatedd:
2007-07-19 Florian FainelliClick should be built with -Os, not -O2
2007-07-18 Tim Yardleyfix permission issue, /var/empty needs to have the...
2007-07-18 Tim Yardleyadd option to compile APC for php5
2007-07-18 Oliver Ertlsubversion:
2007-07-17 Oliver Ertlfcgi: add fcgi package (#2090)
2007-07-16 Martin Janitschkeadd apache
2007-07-16 Imre Kalozcreate directory for apache
2007-07-16 Oliver Ertlmotion: revert (#1868)
2007-07-16 Florian FainelliMove back pciutils to utils, and haserl in the meantime
2007-07-16 Oliver Ertlruby:
2007-07-16 Oliver Ertlpcre: (#1979)
2007-07-16 Rod Whitbydevio: Added the correct MD5SUM
2007-07-16 Rod Whitbydevio: a utility to manipulate formatted data in mtd...
2007-07-15 Oliver Ertlcollected: (#2010)
2007-07-15 Oliver Ertlcmdftp: add cmdftp package (#2084)
2007-07-15 Rod Whitbyupdatedd: Added support for
2007-07-14 Oliver Ertlsubversion:
2007-07-13 Florian FainelliUpgrade squid to stable13
2007-07-13 Florian FainelliPackage so that the list can be updated
2007-07-13 Tim Yardleymake it so you can install 'file' itself rather than...
2007-07-13 Florian FainelliMove pciutils to trunk (#2061)
2007-07-13 Florian Fainelliminiupnpd needs the same fix (#2000)
2007-07-13 Florian FainelliMake linuxigd compile again (#1941)
2007-07-13 Felix Fietkauuse . /var/state/network instead of config_load to...
2007-07-12 Felix Fietkaufix miniupnpd handling of dynamic interfaces (#2075)
2007-07-12 Oliver Ertlpostgresql, libgphoto2: r7941 is a better fix for paral...
2007-07-12 Martin Janitschkefixed another UninstallDev part
2007-07-12 Oliver Ertllibrpcsecgss:
2007-07-12 Oliver Ertllibnfsidmap:
2007-07-12 Martin Janitschkefixed a typo in the UninstallDev part
2007-07-12 Oliver Ertllibgssapi: cleanup and fix compile
2007-07-12 Martin Janitschkefix cleaning of the package
2007-07-12 Rod Whitbysmartmontools: Made the init script executable on insta...
2007-07-12 Rod Whitbysmartmontools: Added dependency on libstdc++
2007-07-09 Felix Fietkaunuke the nstx init script. it is unusable and needs...
2007-07-09 Felix Fietkaufix a typo
2007-07-07 Oliver Ertllcd4linux: fix compile (#1981)
2007-07-07 Martin Janitschkeremoved apu-1-config, you won't need it on a router...
2007-07-07 Martin Janitschkeremoved apr-1-config, you won't need it on a router...
2007-07-06 Florian FainelliUpgrade to 3.0.6 and fix download
2007-07-06 Florian FainelliUpgrade to 0.9.1 and fix download problem
2007-07-04 Oliver Ertlvim: finally update vim to 7.1 with a small binary...
2007-07-04 Oliver Ertlzile: all is not required
2007-07-04 Oliver ErtlAdd zile (#2028)
2007-07-03 Oliver ErtlFix gettext:
2007-07-03 Carlos SobrinhoReduce memory footprint of chillispot. Allocate 128...
2007-07-02 Felix Fietkaumove ncurses to trunk and 7.07 (util-linux depends...
2007-07-02 Martin Janitschkeadd some deps, now it shouldn't add features if it...
2007-07-02 Oliver Ertlvim: revert update requested by h3sp4wn, thepeople...
2007-07-02 Martin Janitschkefix typo in UninstallDev part
2007-07-02 Martin Janitschkechange version of apr to 1.2.9 (they removed the source...
2007-07-01 Florian FainelliMassive propset of svn:keywords for packages newly...
2007-07-01 Martin Janitschkeupdate subversion to 1.4.4, svnserver works now (proble...
2007-07-01 Martin Janitschkeremove the unneeded patches
2007-07-01 Martin Janitschkeupdate apr to 1.2.8, sorry got the wrong file the last...
2007-07-01 Martin Janitschkeupdate apr to 1.2.8
2007-07-01 Florian FainelliBump openvpn release number since we added an initscrip...
2007-07-01 Oliver Ertlwifidog depends on libpthread
2007-07-01 Oliver ErtlUpdate vim: 5.8 > 7.1
2007-07-01 Oliver ErtlFix scponly compilation (#1982)
2007-07-01 Florian FainelliAdd streamripper (#1803)
2007-07-01 Florian FainelliCorrectly symlink astdb for first time running or upgra...
2007-07-01 Florian FainelliAdd dmidecode (#1776)
2007-07-01 Florian FainelliUpdate wifidog to 1.1.3-rc1 (#1966)
2007-06-30 Oliver ErtlAdd libsndfile (#1959)