2008-11-21 Mirko Vogtsome bugfixes and aesthetical changes regarding xserver
2008-11-21 Jens MueckeAdd gst-plugin-base dependency to gst-plugins-good.
2008-11-20 Jo-Philipp... package/utils/collectd:
2008-11-20 Lars-Peter... Put each xserver(xorg,kdrive-xvesa,kdrive-xfbdev) into...
2008-11-19 Florian FainelliFix path to the freeradius library and modules (#4221)
2008-11-19 Mirko Vogtadded util-macros (also known as xutils-dev)
2008-11-19 Andy Boyett[packages] utils/bash: add bash to /etc/shells upon...
2008-11-18 Jo-Philipp... package/net/olsrd:
2008-11-18 Gabor Juhos[packages] utils: add crypto-tools
2008-11-18 Lars-Peter... Fix xf86-video-vesa compile.
2008-11-17 Lars-Peter... Install headers in DevInstall rather then install.
2008-11-17 Lars-Peter... Add libpciaccess.
2008-11-17 Florian FainelliAdd the unstable version of quagga based on 0.99.11
2008-11-17 Jo-Philipp... bumpt lcd4linux to r899
2008-11-17 Lars-Peter... Add libXi.
2008-11-17 Lars-Peter... Cleanup pixman package.
2008-11-17 Lars-Peter... Update vte to 0.17.4
2008-11-16 Lars-Peter... Update gtk2 to 2.14.4
2008-11-16 Lars-Peter... Update librsvg to 2.22.3
2008-11-16 Lars-Peter... Update cairo to 1.8.2
2008-11-16 Lars-Peter... Update pango to 1.22.2
2008-11-16 Mirko Vogtupgrade to 2.1.13
2008-11-16 Mirko Vogt - update to Xorg X11R7.4 and reorganization of the...
2008-11-16 Steven BarthUpdated collectd to 4.4.4
2008-11-16 Florian FainelliBump wifidog release since last commit
2008-11-16 Florian FainelliAdd missing dependency to wifidog, thanks florida ...
2008-11-16 Florian FainelliThe original iperf website is offline, use the openwrt...
2008-11-16 Florian FainelliAdd sysstat (#2124)
2008-11-15 Felix Fietkauadd luaprofiler
2008-11-15 Florian FainelliUpdate shorewall to 4.2.1 and fix hostname usage (...
2008-11-15 Florian FainelliAdd nbtscan
2008-11-15 Florian FainelliAdd uucp
2008-11-15 Florian FainelliAdd ipv6calc
2008-11-13 Florian FainelliAdd missing psybnc patch for proper endianess detection
2008-11-12 Florian FainelliFix rtorrent dependency against libsigcxx
2008-11-11 Lars-Peter... Add $(BOARD) to the configure stamp, so the package...
2008-11-11 Florian Fainellinbd-client depends on linux-2.6
2008-11-11 Florian FainelliSomehow update the Makefile template, we do not need...
2008-11-10 Florian FainelliRevert the patch otherwise causing symlinks not to...
2008-11-10 Florian FainelliFix compilation failure of dansguardian with x86_64...
2008-11-10 Florian FainelliLink with libgcc_s it would fail otherwise on x86_64...
2008-11-09 Florian Fainelliuml also needs strace 4.5.18
2008-11-09 Florian FainelliPrevent aircrack-ng from crashing (#4180)
2008-11-09 Florian FainelliFix endianness, install configuration file #3441
2008-11-09 Florian FainelliAdd libptmalloc3 from #2667
2008-11-09 Florian FainelliAdd mg from #2398
2008-11-09 Florian FainelliFix patch name
2008-11-09 Florian FainelliAdd nbd client package from #2266
2008-11-09 Florian FainelliAdd coreutils 6.9 from #1753
2008-11-09 Florian FainelliAdd lftp from #4167
2008-11-09 Florian FainelliAdd gw6c and make it link against uclibcxx (#2125)
2008-11-09 Florian FainelliAdd ipmitool (#2087)
2008-11-09 Florian FainelliAdd imsnif and link it against uclibcxx (#2128)
2008-11-08 Lars-Peter... Fix broken subpackage conditionals.
2008-11-07 Oliver Ertl[packages] multimedia/linux-uvc: Update to revision...
2008-11-06 Hamish GuthrieAdded cdparanoia package
2008-11-05 Steven BarthUCIfied Polipo (patch by "SnapShot_")
2008-11-05 Florian FainelliAdd usb-modeswitch from #4157
2008-11-05 Marek Lindnerfix batman extra cflags and update revision
2008-11-05 Andy Boyett[packages] utils/sierra-pcmcia: added package, thanks...
2008-11-04 Andy Boyett[packages] utils/pcmciautils: mark initscripts executable
2008-11-04 Hamish GuthrieuClibc does not support tls - remove requirement from...
2008-11-04 Hamish GuthrieAdded package libpfm (note this package also requires...
2008-11-04 Hamish GuthrieCreated conditional download for pre-2.6.27 kernel...
2008-11-03 Florian FainelliAdd pcmciautils, thanks sn9
2008-11-03 Florian Fainellilibsigc++ can also be linked with uClibc++
2008-11-03 Florian FainelliIgnore usb.ids files in this directory
2008-11-03 Steven BarthAdded package imspector
2008-11-03 Hamish GuthrieUpdated strace package to version 4.5.18 - dirent.h...
2008-11-03 Florian FainelliSmartmontools compiles with ulibcxx, so use it instead...
2008-11-02 Oliver Ertl[packages] net/wput: Make the package working (#4158)
2008-11-01 Florian FainelliFix eggdrop category (typo)
2008-11-01 Florian FainelliUpdate openswan to 2.6.18 (#4019)
2008-11-01 Florian FainelliAdd libconfig package from #4155
2008-11-01 Florian FainelliAdd wavemon from #4154
2008-10-29 Florian FainelliUpdate pure-ftpd to 1.0.22, and enable virtualchroot...
2008-10-28 Florian FainelliAdd eggdrop from #3980
2008-10-28 Florian FainelliAdd tcl package from #3980
2008-10-28 Florian FainelliAdd synce-dccm from #4133
2008-10-28 Florian FainelliAdd libsynce from #4133
2008-10-28 John CrispinPatch to make gettext usable when uClibc is compiled...
2008-10-28 Florian FainelliFix project URLs and copyright on patches
2008-10-27 Florian FainelliApply libatomicops patches from #4086
2008-10-27 Andy Boyett[packages] utils/firmwarehotplug: Fix sdcc prereq check...
2008-10-25 Florian FainelliHopefully fix the libcli symbolic link mess
2008-10-24 Florian FainelliInstall css files as well, bump release number, thanks...
2008-10-24 Florian FainelliHello,
2008-10-22 Hamish GuthrieAdd support for Runtime Managememnt Library on the...
2008-10-21 Florian FainelliAdd send (rfc3971 implementation)
2008-10-21 Peter NixonUpdate from 1.32 to 1.34
2008-10-20 Florian FainelliMakefile cleanup and explicitely disable pam headers...
2008-10-19 Aaron Kaplanadd dyn_gw_plain plugin by sven-ola. Very practical...
2008-10-17 Andy Boyett[packages] utils/at: explicitly pass jobdir and spooldi...
2008-10-17 Travis Kemenadd phidget package from #4116
2008-10-14 Lars-Peter... Remove wrong TARGET_LDFLAGS line.
2008-10-14 Lars-Peter... Fix ffmpeg pkg-config files.
2008-10-13 Florian FainelliFirmwarehotplug actually requires a sdcc that supports...
2008-10-13 Felix Fietkaufix eterm compile
2008-10-13 Felix Fietkaulibgcrypt needs the libgpg-error config script in ...
2008-10-13 Felix Fietkaufix up imlib2 md5sum (patch by lars)