2008-07-13 Imre Kalozadd ocf kernel patch
2008-07-12 Felix Fietkaumadwifi: add an optional threshold for low-rssi disconn...
2008-07-12 Felix Fietkaumadwifi: improve beacon miss handling to increase the...
2008-07-12 Felix Fietkaumadwifi: drop stale AP nodes from the client list when...
2008-07-12 Felix Fietkaumadwifi: add a preliminary fix for the reassoc check...
2008-07-12 Felix Fietkaumadwifi: some misconfigured APs broadcast NULL BSSIDs...
2008-07-12 Felix Fietkaumadwifi: add an optional background scanning threshold...
2008-07-12 Felix Fietkaumadwifi: recognize hidden essid with length=1 containin...
2008-07-12 Felix Fietkaumadwifi: make STA mode interfaces disassociate if trans...
2008-07-12 Felix Fietkaurefresh some madwifi patches
2008-07-12 Imre Kalozswitch to a different NPE-C firmware
2008-07-12 Imre Kalozadd ocf support to openssl, and use it by default if...
2008-07-12 Imre Kalozenable openssl engine support on ixp4xx
2008-07-12 John Crispinfixes zd1211rw compile and cleans up mac80211 Makefile
2008-07-12 Imre Kalozcleanup
2008-07-12 Florian FainelliSVN checkouts should be made non-interactive, so that...
2008-07-12 Imre Kalozswitch to the IXP4xx microcode with crypto support
2008-07-12 Imre Kaloznuke most of the old ixp4xx patchsets
2008-07-12 Imre Kalozgenerate package for the new IXP4xx crpyto driver
2008-07-12 Imre Kalozresync/cleanup ixp4xx config
2008-07-12 Imre Kalozsync with the cryptodev-2.6 git tree
2008-07-12 Imre Kalozcreate crypto packages for aead and authenc
2008-07-12 Imre Kalozbuild more crypto modules
2008-07-11 Imre Kalozupgrade ixp4xx to 2.6.26-rc9, resync patches
2008-07-11 Imre Kalozswap chipselects on the Pronghorn series
2008-07-10 Florian FainelliFix hostapd compilation which was broken only for 2...
2008-07-09 Matteo Crocesit depends on tunnel4
2008-07-09 Peter Denisonrevert r11749: b43 should not depend on crypto modules...
2008-07-09 John Crispinadd missing \n to ath pci code
2008-07-08 Peter Denison[brcm47xx] On embedded devices we must not route the...
2008-07-08 Peter DenisonMake b43 module depend on crypto modules
2008-07-08 Hamish GuthrieAdded in sub endpoint size patch
2008-07-08 Florian FainelliStick to 2.6.24 on rdc for now
2008-07-08 Hamish GuthrieRemoved patches and config for non-functional 2.6.22...
2008-07-08 Hamish GuthrieAdded gpio and led drivers for kernel
2008-07-07 Florian FainelliUpdate libpcap to 0.9.8 (#3571)
2008-07-07 Florian FainelliAdd support for WRT600N and WRT600N v1.1 (#3535)
2008-07-07 Florian FainelliUpdate hostapd to 0.6.3 (#3615)
2008-07-06 Florian FainelliUpdate iw to snapshot 4d3a72da3f21761bf4f2866a6a3400d4e...
2008-07-06 Florian FainelliDefine the size_t size for cris (#3722)
2008-07-06 Florian FainelliUpdate uml to
2008-07-06 John Crispinadd dma hack to ifxmips
2008-07-06 John Crispinclean up board config
2008-07-06 John Crispinmake atheros wifi cards used on arcaydian 4519 ifxmips...
2008-07-06 Felix Fietkaube a bit more verbose about madwifi errors
2008-07-05 John Crispinuse boards mac on boards with brn loader, on ifxmips
2008-07-05 John Crispinlots of ifxmips fixes and features
2008-07-05 Felix Fietkauspurious initramfs breakage fix
2008-07-05 Imre Kalozupdate targets to
2008-07-05 Imre Kalozupdate pronghorn patch
2008-07-05 Matteo Croceavr32: update to latest atmel sources
2008-07-05 Florian FainelliThis adds dhcp-boot support to dnsmasq-init:
2008-07-05 Florian FainelliIf the *.img file is larger than 0x1e8000 loading it...
2008-07-04 Hamish GuthrieFirst stage of update for at91 devices to
2008-07-04 Matteo Crocefix typo
2008-07-03 Florian FainelliPut the files created by the lzma decompressor patch...
2008-07-03 Imre Kalozupdate config, make 2.6.26-rc8 the default for ixp4xx
2008-07-02 Imre Kalozupdate kernel config
2008-07-02 Imre Kalozgenerate patched zImage for the Pronghorn, too
2008-07-02 Imre Kalozswap uart numbering on Pronghorn
2008-07-02 Imre Kalozoops, commited wrong version
2008-07-02 Imre Kalozrename patch
2008-07-02 Imre Kalozixp4xx patches cleanup, round one
2008-07-01 Felix Fietkaumadwifi: fix sequence number check on incoming retransm...
2008-07-01 Felix Fietkauimprove xargs compatibility check (mostly Darwin/Mac...
2008-06-29 John Crispinfixes mdio, adds runtime board configuration for ifxmips
2008-06-29 Steven Barthlua: Fixed some cross-platform issues for PPC (and...
2008-06-29 John Crispinlots of ifxmips cleanups
2008-06-28 John Crispinmake the serial poirt used by prom.c configurable for...
2008-06-28 John Crispinifxmips should build uboot by default
2008-06-28 John Crispinbackport a fix to suppress warning when loading dnsmasq...
2008-06-28 John Crispinrename some ifxmips files
2008-06-28 John Crispinfixes ifxmips watchdog driver
2008-06-28 Felix Fietkaumove ifxmips uboot to package/
2008-06-28 Felix Fietkaucompile libnl with -ffunction-sections to make binaries...
2008-06-28 Felix Fietkaux86: don't attempt to compile grub on darwin
2008-06-28 John Crispinadds rt_tables to files installed by ip ipkg
2008-06-28 John Crispinadd proper ebu locking to ifxmips
2008-06-28 John Crispinlots of ifxmips cleanups
2008-06-28 Florian FainelliFinally move 2.6.25 patches to patch-2.6.25 for compati...
2008-06-28 Florian FainelliPrior to kernel 2.6.23, architecture path was i386...
2008-06-28 Florian FainelliPut back 2.6.24 files as well
2008-06-28 Florian FainelliPut back 2.6.23 files for rdc, allowing to switch from...
2008-06-27 Imre Kalozignore the bootloader's commandline on orion
2008-06-27 Imre Kalozgenerate webuploadable image for the wnr854t
2008-06-27 Imre Kalozreplacement of the add_header utility used by various...
2008-06-27 Imre Kalozuse mtdblock1 as rootfs
2008-06-27 Imre Kalozthe wnr854t needs flash width 2
2008-06-26 Imre Kalozupgrade to
2008-06-26 Imre Kalozixp4xx 2.6.26 support
2008-06-26 Imre Kalozadd preliminary Netgear WNR854T support
2008-06-26 Imre Kalozmove some config options into the generic one
2008-06-26 Matteo Croceavr32: fix a bug in the MMC driver
2008-06-26 Travis Kemenx-wrt svn repo has moved to
2008-06-25 John Crispincleanup ifxmips and add support for both ttyS
2008-06-25 Imre Kalozupgrade orion to 2.6.26-rc8
2008-06-25 Imre Kalozgenerate orion images differently
2008-06-25 Imre Kalozsync with the orion git tree
2008-06-25 Imre Kalozadd arm mach_types update again
2008-06-24 John Crispincleanup ifxmips headers