2007-04-01 Felix Fietkaufix iptables extension issue with mac os x builds
2007-04-01 Felix FietkauFix portability patch for uClibc.
2007-04-01 Florian FainelliFix image generation (sn9)
2007-04-01 Florian FainelliRestore image creation for rdc boards
2007-04-01 Florian FainelliWorking configuration, minimalistic
2007-04-01 Florian Fainellithe redboot parsing function needs to be exported
2007-04-01 Florian FainelliCode cleanup
2007-03-31 Hamish Guthriereversal of previous dummy commit
2007-03-31 Hamish GuthrieDummy update - to be reversed
2007-03-31 Felix Fietkaucall Build/Clean for clean: in package makefiles
2007-03-31 Felix Fietkaurevert bluetooth kconfig change - it doesn't work that way
2007-03-31 Florian FainelliFix a typo
2007-03-31 Florian FainelliFix the division by zero (sn9)
2007-03-31 Florian Fainellifix crc32 and endianness, thanks sn9
2007-03-31 Felix Fietkau/sbin/hotplug-call: export the hotplug event type throu...
2007-03-31 Felix Fietkauallow dhcp sections for dnsmasq to add command line...
2007-03-30 Florian FainelliDisable firmware creation for the moment
2007-03-30 Florian FainelliSplit up drivers and specific files, update flash map...
2007-03-30 Florian Fainelliairlink generation fix, thanks st9_
2007-03-30 Mike BakerRemove extra -
2007-03-30 Hamish GuthrieMoved activity led to correct IO ports
2007-03-29 Florian FainelliCleanup system code and use definitions
2007-03-29 Florian FainelliAdd definitions, add settings detection for SoCs
2007-03-29 Florian FainelliFix mkmylofw write_out_padding routine
2007-03-29 Florian FainelliFix myloader partition table parser
2007-03-29 Florian FainelliFix warning
2007-03-29 Florian FainelliWorking, but very minimalistic kernel config for rdc-2.6
2007-03-29 Felix Fietkaurun metadata scanning only once when multiple targets...
2007-03-29 Felix Fietkaufix menuconfig 'deselect' statement
2007-03-29 Florian FainelliShould fix edimax generation
2007-03-29 Felix Fietkaucheck initseq->first in awx after running include()
2007-03-28 Felix Fietkaufix an uninitialized variable in awx (does not fix...
2007-03-28 Felix Fietkaumake sure tmp/info gets created
2007-03-28 Florian FainelliFix the irq request
2007-03-28 Felix Fietkauadd PKG_NAME to so that failed checks...
2007-03-28 Felix Fietkaudetect changes in package/kernel/modules/*.mk when...
2007-03-28 Felix Fietkaunuke some unnecessary complexity in the metadata scanni...
2007-03-28 Felix FietkauNuke lots of obsolete compiler versions
2007-03-28 Florian FainelliFix warnings
2007-03-28 Florian FainelliBluetooth depends on USB for 2.6 kernels also
2007-03-28 Florian FainelliBluetooth modules also depend on USB
2007-03-28 Florian FainelliEnable kmod-sched for adm5120
2007-03-28 Florian FainelliUse myloader parser in the adm5120 mtd driver. Do not...
2007-03-28 Florian FainelliAdd myloader partition table parser
2007-03-28 Nicolas Thillreplace common -I and -L search flags with TARGET_CPPFL...
2007-03-28 Nicolas Thillcleanup ntfs-3g makefile (remove include...
2007-03-28 Nicolas Thilltweak isakmpd & keynote makefiles
2007-03-27 Felix Fietkauadd dependency info for linux 2.4 specific kmod package...
2007-03-27 Felix Fietkauclean up nfsd kernel config entries (#1523)
2007-03-27 Felix Fietkauadd nfs kernel server kmod package (patch from #1524)
2007-03-27 Felix Fietkauremove bogus dependencies
2007-03-27 Felix Fietkaufix flash buswidth detection
2007-03-27 Felix Fietkaufix a problem with the firewall script (multicast traff...
2007-03-27 Eugene KonevAdd missing svn:keywords
2007-03-27 Eugene Konevar7: cpmac: use fixed-size ringbuffers for rx/tx descri...
2007-03-27 Eugene Konevar7: speed up irq handlers, fix asm/ar7/ar7.h
2007-03-26 Florian FainelliFix edimax image generation
2007-03-26 Florian FainelliAdd some more clean targets
2007-03-26 Florian FainelliAdd a symlinkclean target to remove symlinks
2007-03-26 Florian FainelliAlso forgot adding the adm5120_info file
2007-03-26 Felix Fietkaufix the sdk
2007-03-26 Florian FainelliDisable YAFFS and NAND by default
2007-03-26 Florian FainelliMove the yaffs patch to be generic, shared between...
2007-03-26 Florian FainelliForgot adding infos header
2007-03-26 Florian FainelliRewrite of the bootloader runtime detection (Gabor...
2007-03-26 Florian FainelliAdd myloader definitions
2007-03-26 Florian FainelliPreserve fw_arg0-3 to allow runtime bootloader detectio...
2007-03-26 Florian FainelliAdd definitions to myloader thanks Gabor Juhos
2007-03-26 Nicolas Thillenable dso support back in openssl, needed to use share...
2007-03-25 Felix Fietkauadd fix from #1516
2007-03-25 Felix Fietkauadd prereq check for pkg-config (required by ntfs-3g)
2007-03-25 Eugene Konevar7: clocks setup (prerequisite for dsl/usb) and misc...
2007-03-24 Florian FainelliUpdate kernel config
2007-03-24 Florian FainelliUse MiBSD ksh if installed (#1470)
2007-03-24 Florian FainelliForgot to define what CFE is
2007-03-24 Florian FainelliTypo fix
2007-03-24 Florian FainelliDo not register more than 2 ethernet porst for CFE...
2007-03-24 Felix Fietkausplit CONFIGURE_PATH into CONFIGURE_PATH and CONFIGURE_...
2007-03-24 Felix Fietkaufix CONFIGURE_PATH and add MAKE_PATH
2007-03-24 Felix Fietkauuse recursive variable expansion for CONFIGURE_*, MAKE_...
2007-03-24 Hamish GuthrieAdded support for BSD pty's
2007-03-24 Felix Fietkautrigger a kernel module rebuild when the kernel config...
2007-03-24 Felix Fietkaufix a compile error
2007-03-24 Felix Fietkausplit libuuid from e2fsprogs and install development...
2007-03-24 Felix Fietkauset the DEVICE variable in hotplug events from ppp...
2007-03-24 Felix Fietkaurename uci-update.awk to uci.awk and add a few config_...
2007-03-24 Felix Fietkaufix uci commit
2007-03-24 Felix Fietkaumove default templates for the kernel build to kernel...
2007-03-24 Felix Fietkausmall cleanup
2007-03-24 Hamish GuthrieAdded facility to program entire device from SD-Card
2007-03-24 Florian FainelliFix potential unligned access with MyLoader based devic...
2007-03-24 Florian FainelliAdd a paragraph on how to package kernel modules
2007-03-24 Florian FainelliFix some mistakes and typos
2007-03-24 Felix Fietkaudon't call wpa_supplicant unconditionally
2007-03-24 Felix Fietkaufix wep encryption setting for madwifi
2007-03-24 Felix Fietkaufix a small typo
2007-03-23 Felix Fietkauimprove autorebuild for iptables when the kernel config...
2007-03-23 Felix Fietkaumake busybox autorebuild on relevant config changes
2007-03-23 Felix Fietkaufix a harmless warning
2007-03-23 Felix Fietkauadd bcm94710a0 cache workarounds to brcm47xx-2.6 (fix...