2012-06-22 Jo-Philipp... [packages] olsrd: fix stack corruption in net_output()
2012-06-21 Luka Perkov[packages] git: update to 1.7.11
2012-06-20 Stephen Walker[packages] bluelog: update to 1.0.4, remove unused...
2012-06-20 Stephen Walker[packages] bind: update to 9.9.1-P1 (CVE-2012-1667)
2012-06-20 Luka Perkov[packages] dhcp-forwarder: update to 0.10
2012-06-20 Luka Perkov[packages] dhcp4: remove empty folders
2012-06-20 Luka Perkov[packages] dhcp4: update to 4.2.4 and rename to dhcp
2012-06-20 Luka Perkov[packages] dhcp: remove package, it's replaced by dhcp4
2012-06-20 Vasilis Tsiligiannis[packages] lispmob: New package
2012-06-19 Jo-Philipp... [packages] cgilib: add missing build dependency on...
2012-06-18 Jo-Philipp... upgrade baresip, restund, libre, librem to version...
2012-06-18 Jo-Philipp... shorewall-lite: update to
2012-06-18 Jo-Philipp... wifitoggle: fix typos in Makefile
2012-06-18 Jo-Philipp... [packages] apr: add missing dependency on libuuid
2012-06-18 Jo-Philipp... hsflowd: fix compile for x86+uClibc
2012-06-18 Jo-Philipp... openssh dependency fix
2012-06-18 Felix Fietkauzaptel-1.4.x: unbreak kernel module build, use cross...
2012-06-18 Felix Fietkaunewt: fix compile errors caused by using the wrong...
2012-06-17 John Crispin[package] fix opensips dependencies
2012-06-17 Luka Perkov[packages] postgresql: switch from coreutils-su to...
2012-06-17 Luka Perkov[packages] freecwmp: should fix defconfig issue
2012-06-17 John Crispin[packages] fixes nagios-plugins dependencies
2012-06-17 John Crispin[package] fix crtmpserver dependencies
2012-06-17 John Crispin[packages] g++-uc fixup for tabglib
2012-06-17 John Crispin[packages] fix ruby dependencies
2012-06-17 John Crispin[packages] fixes pmacct dependencies
2012-06-17 John Crispin[packages] fix mocp dependencies
2012-06-17 John Crispin[packages] fix alsa-utils dependencies
2012-06-16 Travis Kemenmark as broken for now, it is causing defconfig to...
2012-06-16 Stephen Walker[packages] tor-alpha: update to, disable...
2012-06-16 Stephen Walker[packages] tor: update to
2012-06-15 Marek Lindnerbatman-adv: fix skb data assignment
2012-06-15 Mirko Vogt[packages/openvpn-devel] fix linker error when compilin...
2012-06-14 Felix Fietkaufreeswitch: add libopenzap package, add missing depende...
2012-06-14 Felix Fietkaufreeswitch: avoid picking up libgcrypt
2012-06-14 Felix Fietkaugst-plugins-good: fix missing dependencies
2012-06-14 Felix Fietkaugst-ffmpeg: add missing dependency
2012-06-14 Felix Fietkaucoreutils: add missing dependency
2012-06-14 Felix Fietkauxmail: use
2012-06-14 Felix Fietkauskels: clean up the makefile template a bit
2012-06-14 Felix Fietkaupeercast: use
2012-06-14 Felix Fietkauiperf: use
2012-06-14 Felix Fietkauremove uclibc++ from packages (now maintained in trunk)
2012-06-14 Felix Fietkaugst-plugins-bad: fix dependency issues
2012-06-14 Felix Fietkaulibdmapsharing: add missing dependency
2012-06-14 Felix Fietkaugst-plugins-base: fix various missing dependencies
2012-06-14 Felix Fietkaupulseaudio: disable fftw
2012-06-14 Felix Fietkaupulseaudio: provide a virtual package for the two pulse...
2012-06-14 Felix Fietkaukrb5: prevent libcom_err from leaking into other packag...
2012-06-14 Felix Fietkauffmpeg: disable output devices to prevent it from picki...
2012-06-14 Felix Fietkaupulseaudio: remove obsolete uclibc dependencies
2012-06-14 Felix Fietkaulibusb: split off libusbpp into a separate package
2012-06-14 Felix Fietkaumgen: replace uclibc++ hacks with g++-uc wrapper
2012-06-14 Felix Fietkauasterisk-1.8.x: mark the -cdr plugin as broken, it...
2012-06-14 Jo-Philipp... [packages] asterisk-1.8.x: explicitely disable libcap
2012-06-14 Jo-Philipp... [packages] wavemon: explicitely disable libcap
2012-06-13 Jo-Philipp... [packages] jpeg: add build dependency on libltdl, neede...
2012-06-13 Felix Fietkaunginx: libcrypto from libopenssl is required even if...
2012-06-13 Felix Fietkaunagios: avoid using libgd to fix a dependency issue
2012-06-13 Luka Perkov[packages] git: reduce size
2012-06-13 Jo-Philipp... [packages] quagga: rework packaging
2012-06-13 Felix Fietkauphp5: add missing dependency
2012-06-13 Felix Fietkauphp5: use libevent2 instead of libevent
2012-06-13 Marek Lindnerbatman-adv: upgrade package to latest release 2012.2.0
2012-06-13 Luka Perkov[packages] pciutils: update to 3.1.9
2012-06-13 Mirko Vogt[packages/openvpn-polarssl] purge openvpn-polarssl
2012-06-13 Mirko Vogt[packages/openvpn-devel] rework openvpn-devel package
2012-06-13 Jo-Philipp... [packages] dovecot: explicitely disable libcap, depend...
2012-06-13 Jo-Philipp... [packages] ushare: depends on libffmpeg
2012-06-13 Jo-Philipp... [packages] mocp: revert libffmpeg-mini dependency to...
2012-06-13 Jo-Philipp... [packages] unixodbc: unixodbc-utils depends on libncurs...
2012-06-13 Jo-Philipp... [packages] avahi: avahi-daemon: explicitely disable...
2012-06-13 Jo-Philipp... [packages] miredo: explicitely disable libcap
2012-06-13 Jo-Philipp... [packages] quagga: depends on quagga-libzebra
2012-06-13 Jo-Philipp... [packages] dmpad: depends on GraphicsMagick
2012-06-13 Jo-Philipp... [packages] erlang: depends on zlib
2012-06-13 Jo-Philipp... [packages] classpath: depends on alsa-lib, libgmp and...
2012-06-13 Jo-Philipp... [packages] gst-ffmpeg: depends on libbz2
2012-06-13 Jo-Philipp... [packages] serdisplib: depends on libusb
2012-06-13 Jo-Philipp... [packages] libdirectfd: directfb depends on libsysfs
2012-06-13 Jo-Philipp... [packages] asterisk-chan-sccp-b: asterisk18-chan-sccp...
2012-06-13 Jo-Philipp... [packages] openser: openser-mod-acc depends on libradiu...
2012-06-13 Jo-Philipp... [packages] libshout: depends on libpthread
2012-06-13 Jo-Philipp... [packages] libvncserver: depends on libjpeg and libpthread
2012-06-13 Jo-Philipp... [packages] sox: depends on alsa-lib and libsndfile
2012-06-13 Jo-Philipp... [packages] apf: depends on libpthread
2012-06-13 Jo-Philipp... [packages] cwiid: libcwiid depends on libpthread and...
2012-06-13 Jo-Philipp... [packages] peerguardian: depends on libipq and libstdcpp
2012-06-13 Jo-Philipp... [packages] seeks: depends on libstdcpp and libevent2...
2012-06-13 Jo-Philipp... [packages] ipmitool: depends on libncurses and libreadline
2012-06-13 Jo-Philipp... [packages] luaposix: depends on librt
2012-06-13 Jo-Philipp... [packages] freeswitch: depends on libopenssl, libpq...
2012-06-13 Jo-Philipp... [packages] darkice: depends on librt and lame-lib,...
2012-06-13 Jo-Philipp... [packages] cryptsetup: depends on libdevmapper
2012-06-13 Jo-Philipp... [packages] nprobe: depends on zlib
2012-06-13 Jo-Philipp... [packages] sane-backends: sane-libs depends on libv4l
2012-06-13 Jo-Philipp... [packages] apache: depends on unixodbc
2012-06-13 Jo-Philipp... [packages] arpd: depends on libevent2, not libevent
2012-06-13 Jo-Philipp... [packages] rtorrent: depends on libncursesw, not libncurses
2012-06-13 Jo-Philipp... [packages] rrdtool: librrd depends on libpthread