2010-10-18 Florian Fainelli[package] change sigscheme lib installation directory
2010-10-18 Florian Fainelli[package] install gsl headers in usr/include/gsl
2010-10-18 Florian Fainelli[package] update heyu to 2.9.1
2010-10-18 Florian Fainelli[package] ruby: fix path to libiconv
2010-10-18 Jo-Philipp... [packages] python: ship pyconfig.h (#8032)
2010-10-18 Alexandros... net/usbip: add some upstream patches (sync to svn ...
2010-10-17 Michael Büschxorg-server: Enable parallel build
2010-10-17 Michael Büschxorg-kdrive: Enable parallel build
2010-10-17 Cezary Jackiewicz[packages] transmission: update to 2.11, remove depende...
2010-10-17 Michael Büschxorg-kdrive: Disable xsdl autoconf check
2010-10-17 Michael Büschxf86-video-glamo: Fails to compile on some arches....
2010-10-17 Michael Büschfirmwarehotplug: Fix parallel build
2010-10-17 Michael Büschxsupplicant: Internal LEX deps are broken. Disable...
2010-10-17 Michael Büschgmediaserver links to uclibcxx and zlib. So add these...
2010-10-17 Michael Büschgmediaserver: Fix parallel build
2010-10-16 Hans Zandbelt[packages] asterisk-1.6.6: added app_alarmreceiver...
2010-10-16 Michael Büschbtrfs-progs: Enable parallel build
2010-10-16 Michael BüschFixes #8086
2010-10-16 Michael Büschgnokii: Parallel build is broken
2010-10-16 Michael Büschgnokii: Fix whitespace
2010-10-16 Michael Büschmaemo-kexec: Rename script to bootmaemo.
2010-10-16 Michael Büschpython-sip: Compile with -fpic
2010-10-16 Michael Büschpwrtray: MIPS fixes
2010-10-16 Michael BüschUse PKG_BUILD_PARALLEL:=0 to force-disable parallel...
2010-10-16 Michael Büschmdnsreponder: Internal deps are broken. Force -j1
2010-10-16 Florian Fainelli[package] add vips library (#7866)
2010-10-16 Michael Büschcdparanoia: Internal deps are broken. Force -j1
2010-10-16 Michael Büschxglamo: Depend on s3c24xx
2010-10-16 Michael Büschxine-lib: Fix compile. Configure/build may not include...
2010-10-16 Peter Wagneradd maintainer to all of my packages
2010-10-16 Gabor Juhosfix perl signal numbering for mips
2010-10-16 W. Michael... Return 001-krb5kdc-dir-to-etc.patch; move database...
2010-10-16 Michael Büschnfs-kernel-server: Fix parallel build
2010-10-16 Michael Büschcollectd: Enable parallel build
2010-10-16 Michael Büschcollectd: Fix build on 2.6.36
2010-10-15 Michael Büschznc: Enable parallel build
2010-10-15 Michael Büschznc: Fix call to g++-uc
2010-10-15 Vasilis Tsiligiannis[packages] quagga{,-unstable}: Merge quagga-unstable...
2010-10-15 Vasilis Tsiligiannis[packages] btpd: Add default value for bool config...
2010-10-15 Michael Büschxmpp4r: Fix ruby library path
2010-10-15 Michael Büschulogd: mysql config may introduce a stray -lgcc_s....
2010-10-15 Michael Büschruby: Fix parallel build
2010-10-15 Vasilis Tsiligiannis[packages] quagga-unstable: Enable OSPF6, ISIS and...
2010-10-15 Michael Büschsend: Internal dependencies are broken. Force -j1
2010-10-15 Michael Büschuclibc++: Also install .so to dev
2010-10-14 Alexandros... net/quagga-unstable: Enable parallel build
2010-10-14 Alexandros... net/quagga-unstable: fix a cross-compile issue. this...
2010-10-14 Alexandros... net/quagga-unstable: fix compile issue on FreeBSD 8.1
2010-10-14 Michael Büschosiris: Fix parallel build
2010-10-14 Michael Büschopennhrp: Enable parallel build
2010-10-14 Michael Büschopennhrp: Fix compile on 2.6.36
2010-10-14 Nicolas Thillpackages/zabbix: use common CONFIGURE_ARGS var, cleanup
2010-10-14 Nicolas Thillpackages/znc: remove redundant configure args
2010-10-14 Alexandros... net/quagga-unstable: add some upstream patches
2010-10-13 Michael Büschopenl2tp: Enable parallel build
2010-10-13 Michael Büschopenl2tp: Remove -Werror. Fixes compile on 2.6.36
2010-10-13 Michael Büschnginx: Try to fix openssl dependencies
2010-10-13 Michael Büschkeynote has broken internal dependencies. Force -j1...
2010-10-13 Alexandros... net/lsm: Upgrade to new upstream version 0.60. (thank...
2010-10-12 Nicolas Thillpackages/freetype: update to 2.3.12
2010-10-12 Nicolas Thillpackages/gd: various fixes
2010-10-12 Alexandros... net/udpxy: add udpxy package. (closes ticket #8077)
2010-10-12 Alexandros... net/click: update to click-20101002 git (#8072)
2010-10-12 Gabriel Kerneis[package] babel: upgrade to version 1.0.2
2010-10-11 Nicolas Thillpackages/chaosvpn: fix build, remove redundant vars
2010-10-11 Peter Wagnerfix a typo in the patch
2010-10-11 Peter Wagneradd CVE-2009-1759 patch to ctorrent
2010-10-11 Michael Büschaircrack-ng: Enable parallel build
2010-10-11 Nicolas Thillpackages/aircrack: enable unstable binaries (closes...
2010-10-11 Michael Büscherlang: Bump release
2010-10-11 Michael Büscherlang: Remove stray backslashes
2010-10-11 Michael Büscherlang: Need extra -lz
2010-10-10 Craig M. Coffee[packages] multiwan:
2010-10-10 Michael Büschettercap: Fix parallel build
2010-10-10 Michael Büscheggdrop: Fix parallel build
2010-10-10 Michael Büscheggdrop: TCL8.5 compile fix
2010-10-10 Michael Büschboost: Enable parallel compile
2010-10-10 Michael Büschipsec-tools: Enable parallel build
2010-10-10 Michael Büschipsec-tools: Fix compile on linux-2.6.36
2010-10-10 Michael Büschwing: Enable parallel build
2010-10-10 Michael Büschwing: Attempt to fix cross compile issues.
2010-10-09 Michael Büschqt4: Fix tslib mouse dependencies
2010-10-09 Michael Büschpyqt4: depend on X11
2010-10-09 Michael BüschDo not pass -B to python. It might not like it.
2010-10-09 Jo-Philipp... [packages] aodv-uu: resolve reference to CONFIG_LINUX_2_6
2010-10-09 Michael Büschphp5: Enable parallel build (patch by loswillios)
2010-10-09 Michael Büschpeerguardian: Fix typo
2010-10-09 Michael Büschvncrepeater: Enable parallel build
2010-10-09 Michael Büschvncrepeater: Fix link failure. Add missing -lc and...
2010-10-09 Michael Büschuob-nomad: Internal dependencies are broken. Force...
2010-10-09 Michael Büschucmb: Fix compile on 2.6.36
2010-10-09 Michael Büschst2205tool: Fix parallel build
2010-10-09 Michael Büschsablevm-sdk: Fix parallel build
2010-10-09 Michael Büschsablevm-sdk: Do not hardcode host paths.
2010-10-09 Michael Büschpthsem: Update. This fixes parallel build.
2010-10-09 Michael Büschpeerguardian: Bump release
2010-10-09 Michael Büschpeerguardian: Enable parallel build
2010-10-09 Michael Büschpeerguardian: Remove uclibc++ dep.
2010-10-09 Michael Büschopenswan: Fix compile on linux-2.6.36
2010-10-09 Cezary Jackiewicz[packages] transmission: update to 2.10, start torrents...