2014-04-17 Felix Fietkaustrongswan: add missing config files for plugins packages_12.09
2014-04-15 Felix FietkauAA: strongswan: update to the latest version to fix...
2014-04-15 Felix FietkauAA: gmp: update to latest version to fix compile errors
2013-11-30 Jo-Philipp... AA: rrdtool-1.0.x: merge r38944 (#14554)
2013-10-18 Luka Perkovsiproxd: fix typo in variable name in init script
2013-09-10 Jo-Philipp... AA: mjpg-streamer: merge r37929
2013-06-04 Jo-Philipp... AA: vnstat: merge r36716 (#13577)
2013-06-04 Jo-Philipp... AA: merge r36843
2013-06-04 Jo-Philipp... AA: miniupnpd: merge r36011, r36057
2013-05-28 Jonas GorskiAA: asterisk-chan-sccp-b: fix PKG_SOURCE_URL, URL,...
2013-05-03 Jo-Philipp... AA: p910nd: merge r36536
2013-05-03 Jo-Philipp... AA: packages: drop bmx6, bmxd, olsrd, batman and batman...
2013-05-02 Jo-Philipp... AA: miniupnpd: backport r36488
2013-04-30 Gabor JuhosAA: packages: python: fix sqlite extension (#12239)
2013-04-23 Jo-Philipp... AA: bind: merge r36404 (CVE-2013-2266)
2013-04-23 Jo-Philipp... AA: tinc: merge r36041 and r36402 (CVE-2013-1428)
2013-03-19 Florian FainelliAA: backport openconnect update to 4.08 (r35599)
2013-02-25 Jonas GorskiAA: packages: krb5: update to 1.11
2013-02-25 Jonas GorskiAA: packages: weechat: update to 0.4.0
2013-02-25 Jonas GorskiAA: packages: curl: update to 7.29.0
2013-02-25 Jonas GorskiAA: packages: samba36: fix segmentation fault when...
2013-02-25 Jonas GorskiAA: [packages/ctorrent] allow negative integers .....
2013-02-08 Tim Yardleypolarssl: backport of r35525
2013-02-08 Tim Yardleylibupnp: backport r35522
2013-02-08 Tim Yardleyminiupnpd: backport of r35520
2013-02-08 Tim Yardleyminiupnpc: backport of r35521
2013-01-31 Jo-Philipp... wifitoggle: merge r35415
2013-01-22 Felix Fietkautcpdump: add SLL parsing support to tcpdump-mini, use...
2013-01-17 Jo-Philipp... AA: netatalk: merge r35198
2013-01-14 Jo-Philipp... AA: miniupnpd: merge r35149 and r35150
2013-01-13 Jo-Philipp... AA: miniupnpd: merge r35136
2013-01-09 Vasilis Tsiligiannis[packages_12.09] lispmob: Updating the package
2013-01-09 Vasilis Tsiligiannis[packages_12.09] jamvm: Fix source package mirror MD5 sum
2013-01-09 Vasilis Tsiligiannis[packages_12.09] quagga: Fix package download URL ...
2012-12-21 Gabor JuhosAA: flashrom: remove broken msr path change
2012-12-13 Jonas GorskiAA: packages: znc: don't start with default config
2012-12-06 Jo-Philipp... AA: xl2tpd: backport r34537
2012-11-26 Jo-Philipp... AA: xtables-addons: backport r34387
2012-11-16 Jo-Philipp... AA: parprouted: backport r34209
2012-11-08 Mirko VogtAA: asterisk: backport: upgrade lantiq channel driver...
2012-11-01 Jo-Philipp... AA: libcli: backport r34049
2012-10-31 Daniel Dickinson[packages] haveged: Backport 34047
2012-10-31 Daniel Dickinson[packages] libcli: Backport 34043
2012-10-05 John Crispinbranch Attitude Adjustment packages
2012-10-05 John Crispinbranch Attitude Adjustment packages
2012-09-28 John Crispin[packages] fix up duplicate file install inside strongswan
2012-09-28 Marek Lindnerbatman-adv: fix mac addr change and symmetry check
2012-09-28 Florian Fainelli[package] libxml2: backport Debian patches to fix multi...
2012-09-28 Florian Fainelli[package] tiff: update to 4.0.3
2012-09-27 Florian Fainelli[package] tiff: update to 4.0.2
2012-09-27 Florian Fainelli[package] tcpser: fix dependency on libpthread
2012-09-27 Hamish Guthrie[package] pyosc: add new package
2012-09-26 Cezary Jackiewicz[packages] transmission: update to 2.71
2012-09-25 Luka Perkov[packages] freecwmp: update to the latest version
2012-09-25 Luka Perkov[packages] libfreecwmp: add package
2012-09-25 Cezary Jackiewicz[packages] vsftpd: update to 3.0.2
2012-09-25 Cezary Jackiewicz[packages] proftpd: update to 1.3.4b
2012-09-25 Florian Fainelli[package] tor-alpha: update to
2012-09-25 Florian Fainelli[package] tor: update to
2012-09-25 Florian Fainelli[package] asterisk-1.8.x: add patch to fix CVE-2012...
2012-09-24 Felix Fietkauboost: move the + to the right place to fix build errors
2012-09-23 Nuno Goncalves[packages] nmap: update to version 6.01
2012-09-23 Felix Fietkaupackages: fix parallel build by adding + for every...
2012-09-20 Felix Fietkauoprofile: enable parallel build
2012-09-20 Felix Fietkaubinutils: enable parallel build
2012-09-19 Felix Fietkautcpdump: enable parallel build
2012-09-19 Jo-Philipp... [packages] remove now redundant +USE_EGLIBC:librt depen...
2012-09-19 Florian Fainelli[package] avahi: Makefile fix to honor configuration...
2012-09-19 Florian Fainelli[package] multiwan: fix health monitoring
2012-09-19 Florian Fainelli[package] tcpdump: honor the CONFIG_IPV6 global flag
2012-09-19 Florian Fainelli[package] php5: create missing directory
2012-09-19 Florian Fainelli[package] ntpd: trivial fix for eglibc builds
2012-09-19 Florian Fainelli[package] diffutils: trivial fix for eglibc builds
2012-09-19 Florian Fainelli[package] libavahi must depend on libssp if SSP enabled
2012-09-13 Florian Fainelli[package] faifa: update to 2012-09-13
2012-09-13 Jo-Philipp... [packages] bind: update to v9.9.1-P3 (CVE-2012-4244)
2012-09-13 Florian Fainelli[package] gettext-full: fix build on eglibc
2012-09-12 Hamish Guthrieautoreconfckage] sox: Update maintainer and copyright...
2012-09-12 Hamish Guthrie[packages] sox: Bump revision
2012-09-12 Jo-Philipp... [packages] radvd: allow uppercase chars in string liter...
2012-09-12 Mirko Vogt[packages/openvpn-devel] update openvpn-devel to latest...
2012-09-11 Mirko Vogt[packages/openvpn] fix changing ipv6 settings with...
2012-09-11 Florian Fainelli[package] valgrind: update to 3.8.0
2012-09-11 Florian Fainelli[package] valgrind: fix DEPENDS after r32839
2012-09-11 Hamish Guthrie[packages] python-webpy: Add package python-webpy
2012-09-11 Hamish Guthrie[packages] python-mimms: Add package python-mimms
2012-09-11 Hamish Guthrie[packages] python-flup: Add package python-flup
2012-09-11 Hans Zandbelt[packages] radsecproxy: remove zandbelt as maintainer
2012-09-11 Hans Zandbelt[packages] asterisk18: remove zandbelt as maintainer
2012-09-10 Florian Fainelli[package] faifa: update to 2012-09-10
2012-09-10 Jo-Philipp... [packages] freeradius2: update to v2.2.0 (CVE-2012...
2012-09-10 Jo-Philipp... [packages] revert changed PKG_FIXUP after r33363, fix...
2012-09-10 Hamish Guthrie[packages] file: bump version to 5.11
2012-09-10 Hamish Guthrie[packages] glib2: Add conditional dependency on librt...
2012-09-10 Jo-Philipp... [packages] ddns-scripts: fix handling of passwords...
2012-09-10 Thomas Heilpackage: haproxy
2012-09-10 Peter Wagner[packages] openssh: update to 6.1p1
2012-09-09 Marek Lindnerbatman-adv: fix OGM counting on x86 OpenWrt images
2012-09-08 Florian Fainelli[package] faifa: udpate 2012-09-07 commit
2012-09-07 Florian Fainelli[package] faifa: update to 2012-09-07