descriptionOpenWrt firewall configuration utility
last changeMon, 21 Feb 2022 23:22:06 +0000 (23:22 +0000)
2022-02-21 Rui SalvaterraRevert "firewall3: support table load on access on... master
2022-02-21 Wenli Looifirewall3: remove unnecessary fw3_has_table
2022-01-09 Kevin Darbyshire... options.c: add DSCP code LE Least Effort
2022-01-08 Kevin Darbyshire... firewall3: remove redundant syn check
2022-01-08 Florian Eckertfirewall3: fix locking issue
2022-01-08 Ansuel Smithfirewall3: support table load on access on Linux 5.15+
2021-08-14 Kevin Darbyshire... ipsets: permit default timeout of 0
2021-03-23 Rui Salvaterrafirewall3: clean up the flow table detection logic
2021-03-23 Rui Salvaterrafirewall3: create a common helper to find strings in...
2021-03-23 Tony Ambardarrules: fix device and chain usage for DSCP/MARK targets
2021-03-23 Tony Ambardarzone: avoid duplicates in devices list
2021-02-28 Philip Prindevillefirewall3: remove last remaining sprintf()
2020-12-06 Jo-Philipp... iptables: fix serializing multiple weekdays
2020-12-06 Rui Salvaterrafirewall3: fix duplicate defaults section detection
2020-12-06 Daniel Hardingipsets: allow blank/commented lines with loadfile
2020-09-05 Alexey Dobrovolskyfw3: zones: limit zone names to 11 bytes
4 months ago master