2019-03-28 Petr Štetiarlibfstools: Fix overflow of F2FS_MINSIZE constant
2019-03-28 Petr Štetiarlibfstools: Print error in case of loop blkdev failure
2018-12-28 Rafał Miłeckiblock(d): improve hotplug.d "mount" events for the...
2018-12-28 Rafał Miłeckiblockd: unmount device explicitly when it disappears
2018-12-12 Rafał Miłeckiblock: remove target directory after unmounting
2018-12-12 Rafał Miłeckiblock: cleanup handling "start" action of the "autofs...
2018-12-09 Rafał Miłeckiblock: make blockd_notify() return an int instead of...
2018-12-09 Rafał Miłeckiblock: generate hotplug.d mount events
2018-12-09 Rafał Miłeckiblock: validate amount of arguments for the "autofs...
2018-12-07 Rafał Miłeckiblockd: don't reparse blob msg in the vlist callbacks
2018-12-06 Rafał Miłeckiblockd: don't unmount device when removing it from...
2018-12-05 Rafał Miłeckiblock: don't duplicate unmounting code in the mount_act...
2018-12-05 Rafał Miłeckiblock: make umount_device() function more generic
2018-12-04 Rafał Miłeckiblock: don't duplicate mounting code in the mount_device()
2018-12-04 Rafał Miłeckiblock: simplify code picking mount target directory
2018-12-04 Rafał Miłeckiblock: move blockd_notify() call out of the conditional...
2018-12-04 Rafał Miłeckiblock: fix formatting & indent in the mount_device()
2018-11-26 Michael Heimpoldfstools: use EXIT_FAILURE when indicating error on...
2018-11-26 Michael Heimpoldfstools: guard usage of WEXITSTATUS
2018-10-11 Ansuel Smithfstools: add ntfs support
2018-05-24 Pierre Lebleufstools: allow the mounting with full access time accou...
2018-05-24 Pierre Lebleufstools: allow to compress the filesystem
2018-04-16 Rafał Miłeckilibfstools: move mount points when switching to JFFS2
2018-04-16 Rafał Miłeckilibfstools: add "const" to char pointer arguments in...
2018-04-16 Rafał Miłeckilibfstools: fix foreachdir() to pass dir with a trailin...
2018-02-11 John Crispinstrip trailing spaces from vfat labels
2018-02-11 John Crispinfix vfat volume label
2018-02-02 Daniel Golleblock: support /dev/nvme* nodes
2018-01-13 Roman Yeryominoverlay: fix compilation with glibc
2018-01-07 Rafał Miłeckilibfstools: optimize building directory string for...
2018-01-05 Rafał Miłeckilibfstools: support file paths longer than 255 chars
2018-01-02 Roman Yeryominoverlay: fix race condition when switching to jffs2
2017-12-29 Rafał Miłeckilibblkid-tiny: add support for NTFS superblock
2017-12-12 Rosen Penevfstools: Replace strerror(errno) with %m format.
2017-08-07 Rafał Miłeckilibblkid-tiny: add support for UBI superblock
2017-07-31 Robert Youngfstools: add btrfs support
2017-07-16 W. Michael... block: support /dev/xvd* nodes
2017-06-30 Daniel Gollelibfstools: fix matching device name
2017-05-09 Felix Fietkaufstools: use -Wno-format-truncation instead of -Wno...
2017-05-08 Pieter Smithlibfstools: fix multiple volume_identify usages with...
2017-05-04 Felix Fietkaubuild: disable the format-truncation warning error...
2017-04-20 Daniel Gollelibfstools: silence mkfs.{ext4,f2fs}
2017-03-29 Florian Fainellicmake: Make blockd link against libjson-c
2017-03-28 Rafał Miłeckilibfstools: add basic documentation of mount functions
2017-02-27 John Crispinblockd: add automounting support
2017-02-11 Felix Fietkauadd missing includes
2016-12-05 Florian Fainellilibfstools: Check return values for fread and system
2016-10-31 Alberto Bursifstools: added f2fs to block
2016-10-21 Jo-Philipp... block: fall back to external mount helper
2016-10-21 Jo-Philipp... block: fix error reporting
2016-10-17 Jo-Philipp... libblkid-tiny: remove unused name member
2016-10-17 Jo-Philipp... probe: stop handling name property
2016-10-17 Jo-Philipp... block: remove handling of name property
2016-10-17 Jo-Philipp... libblkid-tiny: fix SquashFS version detection on differ...
2016-10-17 Jo-Philipp... libblkid-tiny: avoid setting phantom UUIDs
2016-10-17 Jo-Philipp... probe: add full libblkid support
2016-10-16 Jo-Philipp... block: add probe abstraction layer
2016-09-23 Daniel Gollelibfstools: properly label ext4 overlay
2016-09-23 Daniel Golleblock: also probe loop devices
2016-09-12 Daniel Golleblock: include mountpoint in info output
2016-09-12 Daniel Gollelibfstools: gather mountpoints from /proc/self/mountinfo
2016-09-08 Felix Fietkaulibfstools: add rootdisk overlay volume support
2016-09-08 Felix Fietkaulibfstools: replace hardcoded mentions of jffs2 in...
2016-09-08 Felix Fietkaulibfstools: add ext4 filesystem type
2016-09-08 Felix Fietkaulibfstools: add f2fs filesystem type and simplify fs...
2016-09-08 Felix Fietkaulibfstools: use container_of for volume private data
2016-09-08 Felix Fietkaulibfstools: call volume_init() before accessing v->blk
2016-09-06 Felix Fietkaulibfstools: remove obsolete enum
2016-08-31 John Crispinfix logic bug inside extroot uuid verification code
2016-08-18 Преподобный... libfstools: "lowerdir" variable name in fopivot
2016-08-16 John Crispinfix return code of overlay_mount_fs
2016-07-24 Daniel Golleblock: best-effort in find_mount_point
2016-07-24 Daniel Golleblock: get mountpoints from /proc/self/mountinfo
2016-07-21 Daniel Golleblock: print mountpoint if already mounted
2016-07-21 Daniel Golleblock: also check /proc/self/mountinfo to find mountpoint
2016-07-21 Daniel Golleblock: don't truncate mountpoint path
2016-07-21 Daniel Golleblock: allow block info /dev/ubi?_?
2016-07-20 Daniel Golleblock: avoid ubi{,block} duplicates
2016-07-20 Daniel Golleblock: fix ubi?_? glob pattern
2016-07-01 Florian Fainellicmake: Link against libjson-c
2016-07-01 Florian Fainellicmake: Find libubox/ulog.h
2016-05-19 Daniel Dickinsonblock.c: Add ability to mount with ACL and XATTR support
2016-05-19 Daniel Dickinsonblock.c: Use <linux/fs.h> instead of defining mount...
2016-05-19 Daniel Dickinsonblock.c: Add support for checking vfat filesystems
2016-05-19 Daniel Dickinsonblock.c: Make static string a const char * instead...
2016-05-15 John Crispinmount_root: check for preinit sentinel file
2016-05-15 John CrispinRevert "mount_root: code failed in failsafe"
2016-05-11 John CrispinRevert "fstools: support for ext4fs overlay"
2016-05-10 John Crispinmount_root: code failed in failsafe
2016-04-27 John Crispinsnapshot: md5sum return codes are not properly handled
2016-04-27 John Crispinblock: add remount paramter
2016-04-22 Ram Chandra... fstools: support for ext4fs overlay
2016-04-25 Jo-Philipp... block: respect mount flags for /overlay
2016-01-10 Felix Fietkaufstools: check existing filesystem state before writing...
2015-12-20 Roman Yeryominfstools: allow to stack another overlay on top of exist...
2015-11-22 Hauke Mehrtensfix gcc format security error.
2015-10-29 Martin Blumenstingllibblkid-tiny: Add F2FS support
2015-10-29 Martin Blumenstingllibblkid-tiny: Update the code from util-linux's libblkid
2015-08-26 John Crispinoverlay: use lstat rather than stat and make sure there...
2015-08-25 John Crispinmake jffs2reset not iterate over symlinked folders