implement POSIX regexp support
[project/jsonpath.git] / matcher.c
2018-02-04 Jo-Philipp Wichimplement POSIX regexp support master
2016-06-07 Jo-Philipp Wichtreewide: replace with
2016-02-03 Jo-Philipp Wichmatcher: fix segfault with subscript on non-array element
2014-06-19 Jo-Philipp Wichmatcher.c: properly handle negative array indizes
2014-06-15 Jo-Philipp WichSwitch to sqlite3's lemon parser generator.
2014-01-02 Jo-Philipp WichUpdate copyright
2014-01-01 Jo-Philipp Wichlexer, parser, matcher: extend grammar to allow comma...
2014-01-01 Jo-Philipp Wichmatcher: add user callback and support implicit index...
2013-12-28 Jo-Philipp WichInitial commit