* luci/libs: uvl: reenable xml translations, adept to new method="text" conversation...
[project/luci.git] / libs / uvl / luasrc / i18n / uvl.en.xml
1 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
3 <i18n:msgs xmlns:i18n="http://luci.freifunk-halle.net/2008/i18n#" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">
5 <i18n:msg xml:id="uvl_err_uciload" method="text">Unable to load config "%p": %1</i18n:msg>
6 <i18n:msg xml:id="uvl_err_scheme" method="text">Error in scheme "%p":&#10;%c</i18n:msg>
7 <i18n:msg xml:id="uvl_err_config" method="text">Error in config "%p":&#10;%c</i18n:msg>
8 <i18n:msg xml:id="uvl_err_section" method="text">Error in section "%i" (%I):&#10;%c</i18n:msg>
9 <i18n:msg xml:id="uvl_err_option" method="text">Error in option "%i" (%I):&#10;%c</i18n:msg>
10 <i18n:msg xml:id="uvl_err_reference" method="text">Option "%i" has invalid reference specification %1:&#10;%c</i18n:msg>
11 <i18n:msg xml:id="uvl_err_dependency" method="text">In dependency check for %t "%i":&#10;%c</i18n:msg>
12 <i18n:msg xml:id="uvl_err_sme_find" method="text">Can not find scheme "%p" in "%1"</i18n:msg>
13 <i18n:msg xml:id="uvl_err_sme_read" method="text">Can not access file "%1"</i18n:msg>
14 <i18n:msg xml:id="uvl_err_sme_reqfld" method="text">Missing required scheme field "%1" in "%i"</i18n:msg>
15 <i18n:msg xml:id="uvl_err_sme_invref" method="text">Illegal reference "%1" to an anonymous section</i18n:msg>
16 <i18n:msg xml:id="uvl_err_sme_badref" method="text">Malformed reference in "%1"</i18n:msg>
17 <i18n:msg xml:id="uvl_err_sme_baddep" method="text">Malformed dependency specification "%1" in "%i"</i18n:msg>
18 <i18n:msg xml:id="uvl_err_sme_badval" method="text">Malformed validator specification "%1" in "%i"</i18n:msg>
19 <i18n:msg xml:id="uvl_err_sme_errval" method="text">External validator "%1" failed: %2</i18n:msg>
20 <i18n:msg xml:id="uvl_err_sme_vbadpack" method="text">Variable "%o" in scheme "%p" references unknown package "%1"</i18n:msg>
21 <i18n:msg xml:id="uvl_err_sme_vbadsect" method="text">Variable "%o" in scheme "%p" references unknown section "%1"</i18n:msg>
22 <i18n:msg xml:id="uvl_err_sme_ebadpack" method="text">Enum "%v" in scheme "%p" references unknown package "%1"</i18n:msg>
23 <i18n:msg xml:id="uvl_err_sme_ebadsect" method="text">Enum "%v" in scheme "%p" references unknown section "%1"</i18n:msg>
24 <i18n:msg xml:id="uvl_err_sme_ebadopt" method="text">Enum "%v" in scheme "%p" references unknown option "%1"</i18n:msg>
25 <i18n:msg xml:id="uvl_err_sme_ebadtype" method="text">Enum "%v" in scheme "%p" references non-enum option "%p.%s.%o"</i18n:msg>
26 <i18n:msg xml:id="uvl_err_sme_ebaddef" method="text">Enum "%v" in scheme "%p" redeclares the default value of "%p.%s.%o"</i18n:msg>
27 <i18n:msg xml:id="uvl_err_sect_unknown" method="text">Section "%i" (%I) not found in scheme</i18n:msg>
28 <i18n:msg xml:id="uvl_err_sect_required" method="text">Required section "%p.%s" not found in config</i18n:msg>
29 <i18n:msg xml:id="uvl_err_sect_unique" method="text">Unique section "%p.%s" occurs multiple times in config</i18n:msg>
30 <i18n:msg xml:id="uvl_err_sect_named" method="text">The section of type "%p.%s" is stored anonymously in config but must be named</i18n:msg>
31 <i18n:msg xml:id="uvl_err_sect_notfound" method="text">Section "%p.%s" not found in config</i18n:msg>
32 <i18n:msg xml:id="uvl_err_opt_unknown" method="text">Option "%i" (%I) not found in scheme</i18n:msg>
33 <i18n:msg xml:id="uvl_err_opt_required" method="text">Required option "%i" has no value</i18n:msg>
34 <i18n:msg xml:id="uvl_err_opt_badvalue" method="text">Value "%v" of option "%i" is not defined in enum %1</i18n:msg>
35 <i18n:msg xml:id="uvl_err_opt_invvalue" method="text">Value "%v" of given option "%i" does not validate as datatype "%1"</i18n:msg>
36 <i18n:msg xml:id="uvl_err_opt_notlist" method="text">Option "%i" is defined as list but stored as plain value</i18n:msg>
37 <i18n:msg xml:id="uvl_err_opt_datatype" method="text">Option "%i" has unknown datatype "%1"</i18n:msg>
38 <i18n:msg xml:id="uvl_err_opt_notfound" method="text">Option "%p.%s.%o" not found in config</i18n:msg>
39 <i18n:msg xml:id="uvl_err_dep_notequal" method="text">Dependency (%1) failed:&#10;option "%i" is not eqal "%2"</i18n:msg>
40 <i18n:msg xml:id="uvl_err_dep_novalue" method="text">Dependency (%1) failed:&#10;option "%i" has no value</i18n:msg>
41 <i18n:msg xml:id="uvl_err_dep_notvalid" method="text">Dependency (%1) failed:&#10;%c</i18n:msg>
42 <i18n:msg xml:id="uvl_err_dep_recursive" method="text">Recursive dependency for option "%i" detected</i18n:msg>
43 <i18n:msg xml:id="uvl_err_dep_badenum" method="text">In dependency check for enum value "%i":&#10;%c</i18n:msg>
45 </i18n:msgs>