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[project/luci.git] / modules / admin-core / src / i18n / admin_index.en
1 luci = "User Interface"
3 hello = "Hello!"
4 admin1 = "This is the administration area of LuCI."
5 admin2 = "LuCI is a free, flexible, and user friendly graphical interface for configuring OpenWRT Kamikaze."
6 admin3 = "On the following pages you can adjust all important settings of your router."
7 admin4 = "You will find a navigation leading to the different configuration pages on the left side."
8 admin5 = [[As we are always want to improve this interface we are looking forward
9 to your feedback and suggestions.]]
10 admin6 = "And now have fun with your router!"
11 team = "The LuCI Team"
13 luci1 = "Here you can customize the settings and the functionality of LuCI."
14 language = "Language"
15 general = "General"
16 ucicommit = "Post-commit actions"
17 ucicommit1 = [[These commands will be executed automatically when a given UCI configuration is committed allowing
18 changes to be applied instantly.]]
19 keepflash = "Files to be kept when flashing a new firmware"
20 keepflash1 = "When flashing a new firmware with LuCI these files will be added to the new firmware installation."