build: override sys.user.getpasswd and nixio.fs.access in sdk environment
[project/luci.git] / build / setup.lua
2012-03-13 Jo-Philipp Wichbuild: override sys.user.getpasswd and nixio.fs.access...
2011-01-13 Jo-Philipp Wichbuild: remove uvl setup from sdk preloading
2009-12-29 Jo-Philipp Wichbuild: emulate nixio.sysinfo() on Darwin
2009-11-10 Steven BarthNIU: More pages
2009-08-13 Jo-Philipp Wichbuild: fix cursor_state() in setup.lua
2009-08-13 Jo-Philipp Wichbuild/setup.lua: override luci.model.uci.cursor_state...
2009-06-21 Steven BarthIgnore checkpasswd locally
2009-05-23 Steven BarthGSoC Commit #1: LuCId + HTTP-Server