libs/core: more fixes in network model
[project/luci.git] / libs / httpclient /
2011-06-25 Jo-Philipp Wichlibs/httpclient: return server response line in error...
2010-12-05 Jo-Philipp Wichlibs/httpclient: fix cookie handling (#141)
2009-12-08 Steven Barthhttpclient: Add basic auth support
2009-07-24 Steven BarthMerge from fonosfera
2009-06-21 Steven BarthDrop support for luaposix and bitlib (obsoleted by...
2009-04-30 Steven Barth httpclient: Send the correct Host-Header if we are...
2009-03-12 Steven Barthhttpclient: handle redirects more graceful
2009-03-09 Steven Barthhttpclient: Added missing import
2009-03-09 Steven BarthImproved httpclient
2009-03-06 Steven BarthFixed last commit
2009-03-06 Steven BarthFixed last commit
2009-03-06 Steven Barthbla
2009-03-06 Steven Barthhttpclient: Improved callback support
2009-03-05 Steven Barthhttpclient: callback can abort download
2009-03-03 Steven Barthnixio:
2009-03-02 Steven BarthFix header generator
2009-03-02 Steven BarthSet method to POST if we have postdata and no other...
2009-03-02 Steven Barthhttpclient: default content-type for post data is
2009-02-28 Steven BarthMore splicing stuff
2009-02-27 Steven Barthnixio: Fixes, use POSIX calls for file i/o
2009-02-24 Steven Barthnixio: Finetuning of TLS-support
2009-02-18 Steven BarthMore nixio fixes, initial httpclient