Made SGIs even more standards compliant (respect EOF command from LuCI)
[project/luci.git] / libs / sgi-webuci / luasrc / sgi / webuci.lua
2008-07-23 Steven BarthMade SGIs even more standards compliant (respect EOF...
2008-07-04 Jo-Philipp Wich* luci: fixup svn properties
2008-06-29 Steven Barth* libs/core: Moved ltn12 inside LuCI to avoid package...
2008-06-28 Steven Barth* lib/sgi-cgi, lib/sgi-webuci: Enforce HTTP standards
2008-06-20 Steven Barth* libs/core: Added garbage collector to luci.util.threa...
2008-06-15 Steven Barth* Fixed SGI webuci to work with new HTTP API
2008-06-15 Steven Barth* Generalized HTTP-API
2008-06-14 Steven Barth* Rewrote Luci to be coroutine-safe allowing the use...
2008-06-08 Steven Barth* Core translation
2008-06-02 Steven Barth* Added native basic authentication support
2008-05-28 Steven BarthSquashed commit of the following:
2008-05-27 Steven Barthcommit 4f6198094cf4134179d1f9c9fa8f79759a27c87e