po: update templates
[project/luci.git] / po / templates /
2009-10-31 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: update templates
2009-10-31 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: fixup entity coding problems
2009-10-31 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: substitute keys with english text, cleanup and...
2009-10-10 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: translation fix for firewall zone desc
2009-10-08 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: add strings for zone picker
2009-07-17 Jo-Philipp Wich[PATCH] add tools to scan network for any device, or...
2009-07-06 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: fix traffic label default value in freifunk.pot
2009-06-30 Jo-Philipp Wichmodules/freifunk: fix i18n
2009-06-30 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: add new strings fro remote-update
2009-06-07 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: add p2pblock strings to freifunk po template
2009-06-06 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: update freifunk.pot with new splash strings
2009-05-29 Jo-Philipp Wichmodules/admin-full: add stp option in interface configu...
2009-05-19 Jo-Philipp Wichpo/templates/qos.pot: add missing string from r4540
2009-05-19 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: clean up templates, strip non-ascii chars
2009-05-18 Jo-Philipp Wichtrunk: add po files, generated from current translations