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2012-09-11 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: sync firewall translations
2012-09-11 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: sync base translations
2012-08-17 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: resync base translations
2012-08-15 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: sync diag_devinfo translations
2012-08-14 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: sync base translations after r9017
2012-08-14 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: sync translations, patch by "BasicXP" <basicxp...
2012-08-09 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: resync base translations
2012-08-08 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: sync firewall translation
2012-07-24 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: sync ushare translation
2012-07-01 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: resync translations
2012-07-01 Manuel Munzcontrib/freifunk-policyrouting: Fix deletion of rules...
2012-06-27 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: global resync
2012-06-27 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: resync mmc-over-gpio with sources
2012-06-26 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: sync base translations
2012-06-21 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: sync base translations
2012-04-22 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: fix embedded newlines in base.po translations
2012-04-22 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: sync base translation
2012-04-17 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: add translations for "watchcat"
2012-04-15 Manuel Munzapplications/transmission: Add support for transmission...
2012-04-15 Jo-Philipp Wichapplications/luci-radvd: allow the special value "infin...
2012-04-09 Jo-Philipp Wichpplications/luci-minidlna: rework cbi model to use...
2012-04-07 Jo-Philipp Wichapplications/luci-minidlna: remove redundant percent...
2012-04-06 Jo-Philipp Wichpo/template: add a template for the minidlna app
2012-04-03 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: add wshaper.pot template, initialize missing langua...
2012-04-02 Jo-Philipp Wichpo/templates: update ahcp template
2012-04-02 Jo-Philipp Wichpo/templates: update base template
2012-01-24 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: sync base translations
2011-12-20 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: resync firewall translation
2011-12-20 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: update firewall translations
2011-12-19 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: resync firewall translation
2011-12-08 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: sync statistics translations
2011-12-08 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: add pbx-voicemail translation template
2011-12-06 Jo-Philipp Wichmodules/admin-full, po: s/libiwinfo/libiwinfo-lua/
2011-11-30 Manuel Munzapplications/splash: Fix blacklisting mechanism, expose...
2011-11-27 Manuel Munzapplications/luci-splash: Make splashtext translateable...
2011-10-31 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: add pbx.pot
2011-10-27 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: sync base translations
2011-10-21 Manuel Munzmodules/freifunk: Add missing translation for 'Show...
2011-10-21 Manuel Munzmodules/freifunk: Nicer layout of the contact page...
2011-10-18 Manuel Munzapplications/luci-splash: Fix double 'and' typo (325)
2011-10-18 Manuel Munzapplications/luci-splash: Finish translation work and...
2011-10-17 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: update template file missing in last commit
2011-10-16 Manuel Munzapplications/luci-p910nd: Better tcp port selection...
2011-10-14 Manuel Munzapplications/openvpn: Fix translation of headers on...
2011-10-06 Manuel Munzapplications/luci-openvpn: Add translations for advance...
2011-09-24 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: resync base translations
2011-09-24 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: sync base translations
2011-09-23 Manuel Munzmodules/admin-full: Fix typo, #304
2011-09-22 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: sync base translation
2011-09-04 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: fix bad &quot; uses
2011-09-03 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: sync base translation, fix some redundant escapes
2011-06-23 Manuel MunzAdd new meshwizard (WIP)
2011-06-10 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: sync base translations
2011-06-10 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: initialize translation for luci-app-ahcp
2011-05-21 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: fix errors in translation templates
2011-05-18 Manuel Munzpo: Sync olsr translations
2011-05-13 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: remove obsolete livestats translations
2011-05-10 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: sync upnp translation, update german
2011-05-08 Manuel Munzluci-olsr: Add options for SmartGateway.
2011-05-04 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: remove initmgr translations
2011-05-04 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: sync base translation
2011-05-03 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: sync base translations
2011-04-13 Manuel Munzapplications/luci-samba: Add textbox to edit the templa...
2011-03-14 Manuel MunzAdd freifunk-policyrouting and luci-app-freifunk-policy...
2011-03-12 Manuel Munzmodules/freifunk: OSM in basics fixed thanks to Andreas...
2011-02-14 Manuel Munzpo: Move p2pblock translations from freifunk into own...
2011-02-14 Manuel Munzpo: refresh freifunk
2011-02-12 Manuel Munzapplications/luci-olsr: Add config option to disable...
2011-02-11 Manuel Munzpo: Update olsr, again
2011-02-11 Manuel Munzpo: Update freifunk and olsr
2011-02-11 Manuel Munzpo: Add translations for ffwizard
2011-01-30 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: resync base translations
2011-01-30 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: sync upnp translations
2011-01-29 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: restore base.pot after r6809
2011-01-29 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: sync radvd translations
2011-01-14 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: remove bad string from base translations
2011-01-14 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: resync base translations
2011-01-14 Manuel Munzpo: Add new translations for initmgr/local startup...
2011-01-13 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: resync base translation
2011-01-10 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: sync translations after qos changes
2010-12-17 Manuel Munzpo/freifunk: Add translations for olsr-overview page
2010-12-15 Manuel Munzpo/freifunk: Forgot to remove one entry in template
2010-12-15 Manuel Munzpo: Add 'used' to base and remove translations that...
2010-12-05 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: restore rrdtool translations
2010-12-05 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: resync polipo translation
2010-11-26 Manuel Munzmodules/freifunk: fix typo
2010-11-26 Manuel Munzmodules/freifunk: Rewrite status as view and use iwinfo
2010-11-21 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: init radvd translations
2010-11-20 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: resync tinyproxy.pot
2010-11-18 Manuel Munzapplications/luci-statistics: Add ping interval option...
2010-11-18 Manuel Munzi18n/base: Add translations for external protocol serve...
2010-11-18 Manuel Munzmodules/freifunk: Fix/add some translations
2010-11-18 Manuel Munzapp-luci-olsr: Fix translations
2010-11-18 Manuel Munzmodules/freifunk: Make the public index page editable
2010-11-17 Manuel MunzFreifunk: Add german translations for services and...
2010-11-17 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: another base translation update
2010-11-16 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: add more missing entries to base.pot
2010-11-16 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: add cbi entris to base.pot
2010-11-16 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: update base translation
2010-11-16 Jo-Philipp Wichpo: resync firewall.pot