2008-08-20 Jo-Philipp... * luci/libs: add striptags() to global dispatcher namespace
2008-08-20 Jo-Philipp... * luci/libs: use striptags() in cbi <option> elements
2008-08-20 Jo-Philipp... * luci/libs: use pcdata() in striptags()
2008-08-20 Jo-Philipp... * luci/libs: add striptags() to luci.util
2008-08-20 Jo-Philipp... * luci/applications: fix typo in english olsr translation
2008-08-20 Jo-Philipp... * luci/themes: fix css from last commit
2008-08-20 Jo-Philipp... * luci/themes: fix help text styles in
2008-08-20 Jo-Philipp... * luci/contrib: update uci to v0.5.0
2008-08-20 Steven Barthmodules/admin-full: Use absolute paths for network...
2008-08-19 Jo-Philipp... * luci/build: fix bashism in
2008-08-19 Jo-Philipp... * luci/contrib: update to latest uci git version
2008-08-19 Steven Barthmodules/admin-*: Added hints for Wifi Channels
2008-08-19 Steven Barthmodules/admin-full: Correctly unload firewall config...
2008-08-19 Jo-Philipp... * luci/libs: change default scheme directory to /lib...
2008-08-19 Steven BarthMinor bugfixes
2008-08-19 Jo-Philipp... * luci/applications: olsr: convert general settings...
2008-08-19 Steven Barthlibs/cbi: Moved typecasting to the appropriate place
2008-08-19 Jo-Philipp... * luci/applications: make hna anouncments a tblsection...
2008-08-18 Jo-Philipp... * luci/libs: fix datatype validation of list values
2008-08-18 Steven Barthcontrib/uci: Updated .gitignore
2008-08-18 Steven Barthlibs/cbi: Added preliminary UCI list datatype support...
2008-08-18 Jo-Philipp... * luci/libs: uvl: add support for list values in scheme...
2008-08-18 Jo-Philipp... * luci/libs: update uci to most recent git revision
2008-08-18 Jo-Philipp... * libs/luci: implement get_list() and set_list() wrappe...
2008-08-18 Jo-Philipp... * luci/contrib: use bleeding edge uci version from git
2008-08-18 Steven BarthFixed duplicate tables
2008-08-18 Steven BarthSmall bugfixes and improvements
2008-08-18 Steven BarthFixed a typo
2008-08-18 Jo-Philipp... * luci/libs: use one common quoting style for error...
2008-08-18 Steven BarthSmall bug fixes
2008-08-18 Steven BarthFinally...
2008-08-18 Steven BarthCatch...
2008-08-18 Steven Barthtry...
2008-08-18 Steven Barthmodules/admin-mini: Smaller improvements
2008-08-18 Steven BarthUpdated Wifi Configuration in Mini, removed some orphan...
2008-08-18 Steven BarthHuuuuuuuuuuuge rewrite of the Wireless Configuration
2008-08-17 Jo-Philipp... * luci/libs: set svn property on uvl executable
2008-08-17 Jo-Philipp... * luci: big svn property fixup
2008-08-17 Jo-Philipp... * luci/libs: further fixes in uvl cli and library
2008-08-17 Jo-Philipp... * luci/libs: properly implement and document --schemedi...
2008-08-17 Jo-Philipp... * luci/contrib: add uvl to makefile
2008-08-17 Jo-Philipp... * luci/libs: fix typo in uvl utility
2008-08-17 Jo-Philipp... * luci/libs: add missing shebang to uvl cli
2008-08-17 Jo-Philipp... * luci/libs: add uvl cli utility
2008-08-17 Jo-Philipp... * luci/libs: uvl: rename validate() to validate_config...
2008-08-17 Steven BarthAttempt #3
2008-08-17 Steven BarthSecond try...
2008-08-17 Steven BarthUpdated OLSR page
2008-08-17 Jo-Philipp... * luci/libs: uvl: implement scheme loading on demand...
2008-08-17 Steven BarthPreparing rewrite of WiFi configuration
2008-08-17 Jo-Philipp... * luci/libs: uvl: add support for external validation...
2008-08-17 Jo-Philipp... * luci/libs: uvl: fix handling of boolean options,...
2008-08-17 Steven Barth #108
2008-08-17 Jo-Philipp... * luci/libs: add keys() to luci.util
2008-08-17 Jo-Philipp... * luci/libs: add alias to posix.readlink() in luci.fs
2008-08-17 Steven BarthAdd missing number conversion (fixed #108)
2008-08-17 Steven Barthmodules/admin-full: Added crontab configuration page
2008-08-17 Steven BarthFixed a typo
2008-08-17 Steven BarthAdded Russian base translation (thanks Skryabin Dmitry)
2008-08-17 Steven BarthFixed a design flaw in luci.model.uci
2008-08-17 Steven Barthmodules/admin-mini: General UI improvements
2008-08-17 Steven Barthmodules/admin-mini: Revised homepage
2008-08-16 Steven BarthAdded status information
2008-08-16 Steven Barthapplications/luci-ntpc: Display current system time
2008-08-16 Steven Barthmodules/admin-full: Fixed package management page
2008-08-16 Jo-Philipp... * luci/libs: uvl - cleanup round #3, flush lookup table...
2008-08-16 Jo-Philipp... * luci/libs: uvl - cleanup round #2, reinitroduce valid...
2008-08-16 Steven BarthAdded process control page
2008-08-16 Jo-Philipp... * luci/libs: uvl - cleanup round #1
2008-08-16 Steven Barth/etc/ipkg.conf is now /etc/opkg.conf
2008-08-16 Steven BarthUI Improvements
2008-08-16 Jo-Philipp... * luci/libs: more UVL hacking, needs to be rewritten...
2008-08-15 Steven BarthSome cleanups
2008-08-15 Steven BarthFixed a typo
2008-08-15 Steven Barthapplications/luci-fw: Fixed a typo
2008-08-15 Steven BarthSeveral escaping fixes
2008-08-15 Steven BarthSome more escaping
2008-08-15 Steven BarthAdded missing value escaping
2008-08-15 Steven BarthAdded XML -> Lua translation transform target to Makefiles
2008-08-15 Jo-Philipp... * luci/themes: remove dist/ directory from openwrt...
2008-08-15 Steven Barthlibs/cbi: Some fixes
2008-08-15 Steven BarthPreliminary merged some barrier-free translations ...
2008-08-15 Steven Barthmodules/*: Reintroduced the broadcom sanity check
2008-08-15 Steven BarthResolve some pseudo-recursive dependency
2008-08-15 Steven Barthmodules/admin-mini: Remove unneeded checks
2008-08-15 Steven Barthmodules/admin-mini: Fixed a typo
2008-08-15 Steven Barthmodules/admin-full: Reworked DHCP configuration
2008-08-14 Steven Barthmodules/admin-full: Added list of mounted file systems...
2008-08-14 Steven Barthlibs/core: Remove deprecated luci.bits which got replac...
2008-08-14 Steven Barthlibs/cbi: Prevent SimpleForms from prematurely parsing...
2008-08-14 Steven Barthi18n/*: Tiny logical translation improvement
2008-08-14 Steven Barthlibs/sys: Added luci.sys.mounts
2008-08-14 Steven Barthlibs/core: Add luci.execi as memory efficient replaceme...
2008-08-14 Jo-Philipp... * luci/libs: make uvl code usable
2008-08-14 Steven Barthmodules/admin-full: Rewrote route configuration page
2008-08-14 Jo-Philipp... * luci/libs: add preliminary uvl code
2008-08-14 Steven BarthEnable more sanity checks for Password Changing page
2008-08-14 Steven BarthConverted password change form to CBI model
2008-08-14 Steven BarthConverted IPKG configuration to CBI model
2008-08-14 Steven Barthapplications/luci-ntpc: Remove abandoned translations