2008-03-22 Steven Barth* CBI updates
2008-03-21 Steven Barth* ffluci.cbi: updates
2008-03-20 Steven Barth* CBI cleanup
2008-03-20 Steven Barth* CBI updates
2008-03-20 Steven Barth* Splitted up value validation code from ffluci.http...
2008-03-18 Steven Barth* CBI updates
2008-03-18 Steven Barth* Added THANKYOU file
2008-03-18 Steven Barth* Fixed Makefile and postinst-script to work correctly
2008-03-17 Steven Barth* Added ffluci.util.instanceof function
2008-03-17 Steven Barth* Added class support to template engine
2008-03-16 Steven Barth* CBI update
2008-03-16 Steven Barth* Rewrote OOP class constructor
2008-03-14 Steven BarthAdded initial index page
2008-03-12 Steven BarthAdded installation instructions
2008-03-12 Steven BarthAdded module for system abstraction
2008-03-10 Steven BarthMoved examples out of source directory
2008-03-03 Steven BarthAdded NOTICE file
2008-03-03 Steven BarthAdded known issue with old versions of busybox-httpd
2008-03-02 Jo-Philipp... * new project: ff-luci - Freifunk Lua Configuration...