descriptionOpenWrt MDNS daemon
last changeWed, 30 Jun 2021 12:15:53 +0000 (14:15 +0200)
2021-06-30 John Crispinreconnect: increase initial connect delay master
2021-05-13 Stijn Tintelservice: fix compilation with GCC 10
2021-01-26 Rosen Penevumdns: fix 64-bit time format string
2020-10-13 Petr Štetiarcache: cache_answer: fix off by one
2020-10-13 Petr Štetiarcache: cache_record_find: fix buffer overflow
2020-10-13 Petr Štetiarcmake: tests: provide umdns-san binary
2020-10-13 Petr Štetiartests: add dns_handle_packet_file tool
2020-10-13 Petr Štetiartests: add libFuzzer based fuzzing
2020-10-13 Petr Štetiarcmake: create static library
2020-10-13 Petr Štetiarinterface: fix possible null pointer dereference
2020-10-13 Petr Štetiarinterface: fix value stored to 'fd' is never read
2020-08-31 Petr ŠtetiarAdd initial GitLab CI support
2020-08-31 Petr Štetiarcmake: fix include dirs and libs lookup
2020-07-19 Kevin Darbyshire... service.c: fix build on gcc 10
2020-06-08 David WoodhouseFix advertised IPv6 addresses
2020-04-24 Kevin Darbyshire... dns.c: fix input validation fix
11 months ago master