descriptionOpenwrt DHCPv6 Client
last changeMon, 1 Aug 2022 19:27:51 +0000 (21:27 +0200)
2022-08-01 viktor.iarmoladhcpv6: add option to ignore stateless advertise master
2022-07-13 Dávid Benkoodhcp6c: fix IA discard when T1 > 0 and T2 = 0
2021-12-05 Hans DedeckerRevert "dhcpv6: add a minimum valid lifetime for IA_PD...
2021-12-05 Alin Nastacdhcpv6: add support for null IA_PD valid lifetime
2021-11-06 Alin Nastacdhcpv6: add a minimum valid lifetime for IA_PD updates
2021-07-17 Guilherme Janczakodhcp6c: use strpbrk to provide get_sep_pos
2021-04-03 Hans Dedeckercmake: enable extra compiler checks
2021-01-10 Hans Dedeckerra: fix routing loop on point to point links
2021-01-07 Hans Dedeckerra: align ifindex resolving
2020-12-26 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6: fix displaying IA info
2020-12-26 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6: display status code as a string
2020-12-08 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6: harden reconfigure logic
2020-12-08 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6: rework DHCPv6 message to string implementation
2020-12-07 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6: fix regression
2020-12-07 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6: improve syslog tracing
2020-12-03 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6: only refresh timers when reconfigure is valid
3 months ago master
22 months ago openwrt-19.07