config: log config parse failures to syslog
[project/odhcpd.git] / src / config.c
2021-05-22 Hans Dedeckerconfig: log config parse failures to syslog
2021-01-03 Nick Hainkeodhcpd: add option for setting preferred lifetime
2020-12-13 Daniel Golleconfig: remove local mkdir_p implementation
2020-12-06 Santiago Piccininiubus: add add_lease method
2020-11-24 icpzconfig: add option to indicate dns service presence
2020-01-16 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6-ia: use dhcp leasetime to set preferred/valid...
2020-01-02 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6-ia: introduce DHCPv6 pd and ia assignments flags
2019-09-12 Hans Dedeckerconfig: ra_management compatibility support
2019-05-17 Hans Dedeckerrouter: make RA flags configurable (FS#2019)
2019-05-15 Dainis Jonitisconfig: remove 'ignore' config option
2019-05-14 Hans Dedeckerconfig: use list safe iterator in lease_delete
2019-05-03 Dainis Jonitisconfig: use multi-stage parsing of uci sections
2019-05-03 Dainis Jonitistreewide: always init interface list heads during initi...
2019-05-03 Dainis Jonitistreewide: give file descriptors safe initial value
2019-05-03 Dainis Jonitisdhcpv4: DHCP pool size is off-by-one
2019-04-23 Hans Dedeckerconfig: set default loglevel to LOG_WARNING
2019-04-05 Hans Dedeckerndp: create ICMPv6 socket per interface
2019-04-05 Hans Dedeckerrouter: create ICMPv6 socket per interface
2019-04-04 Hans Dedeckertreewide: initialize properly file descriptors
2019-02-19 Hans Dedeckerdhcp: rework assignment free logic
2019-02-18 Hans Dedeckerconfig: fix build failure in case DHCPv4 support is...
2019-02-18 Hans Dedeckerdhcp: rework static lease logic
2019-02-05 Hans Dedeckertreewide: use avl tree to store interfaces
2019-01-15 Matija Amidzicdhcpv6: add setting to choose IA_NA, IA_PD or both
2019-01-01 Hans Dedeckerrouter: make announcing DNS info configurable (FS#2020)
2018-12-31 Hans Dedeckerconfig: check for invalid DNS addresses
2018-11-23 Hamster Tianconfig: correctly break string for prefix filter
2018-09-05 Hans Dedeckerodhcpd: detect broken hostnames
2018-09-03 Hans Dedeckerconfig: fix odhcpd_attrs array size
2018-06-22 Hans Dedeckerconfig: fix wrong assignment
2017-12-17 Rosen Penevodhcpd: Replace strerror(errno) with %m format
2017-12-08 Pierre PfisterSupport muliple RAs on single interface
2017-11-09 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv4: make DHCPv4 support compiletime configurable
2017-11-09 Hans Dedeckertreewide: rework handling of netlink events
2017-10-16 Hans Dedeckertreewide: add netlink file
2017-10-13 Hans Dedeckertreewide: align function naming
2017-09-13 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv4: force renew nonce authentication support
2017-09-13 Hans Dedeckerndp: detect ifindex changes via interface netlink events
2017-09-06 Hans Dedeckertreewide: replace RELAYD prefix naming in macros
2017-08-07 Hans Dedeckertreewide: rework IPv4 address logic
2017-08-03 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6: assign all viable DHCPv6 addresses by default...
2017-08-02 Hans Dedeckertreewide: reflect managed mode is related to RA
2017-07-03 Hans Dedeckertreewide: rework logic to retrieve IPv6 interface addresses
2017-06-29 Hans Dedeckertreewide: rework code to get rid of fixed IPv6 address...
2017-06-27 Hans Dedeckerconfig: rework code to get rid of IFNAMSIZ usage
2017-05-15 Hans Dedeckerconfig: fix invalid hoplimit in RA message
2017-05-15 Hans Dedeckerconfig: fix invalid retranstime in RA message
2017-05-15 Hans Dedeckerconfig: fix invalid reachabletime in RA message
2017-05-15 Hans Dedeckerconfig: limit ra_mtu to 65535
2017-05-15 Hans Dedeckerconfig: limit ra_retranstime to 60000
2017-05-12 Hans Dedeckerconfig: make RA retransTime configurable via uci
2017-05-11 Hans Dedeckerconfig: make RA reachableTime configurable via uci
2017-05-11 Hans Dedeckerconfig: make RA curHopLimit configurable via uci
2017-05-11 Hans Dedeckerconfig: make RA mtu configurable via UCI
2017-05-11 Hans Dedeckerconfig: fix dhcpv4 server being started
2017-03-29 Hans Dedeckerrework IPv6 address dump logic
2017-02-20 Hans Dedeckerrouter: allow RA prefix lifetime being set to leasetime...
2017-02-19 Hans Dedeckertreewide: simplify dhcp leasetime checking
2017-02-16 Hans Dedeckerrouter: support ra_mininterval and ra_lifetime uci...
2017-02-14 Hans Dedeckerconfig: make loglevel configurable via uci (FS#481)
2017-02-09 Hans Dedeckerconfig: restore interface defaults when cleaning interface
2017-01-05 Jo-Philipp Wichconfig: respect ignore uci option
2016-12-29 Hans Dedeckerconfig: use free_lease to delete a lease
2016-12-29 Hans Dedeckerconfig: coding style fixes
2016-12-29 Hans Dedeckerconfig: Create statefile dir
2016-12-27 Stijn TintelRevert "Respect interface "ignore" settings as documented."
2016-12-12 Hans Dedeckerconfig: Fix RA interface config being overwritten
2016-11-21 Karl PalssonRespect interface "ignore" settings as documented.
2016-11-21 Hans Dedeckerconfig: Support infinite as DHCP pool leasetime value
2016-05-19 Steven BarthAdd per-host leasetime support
2016-01-31 Steven BarthMerge pull request #68 from dedeckeh/bugfixes
2015-12-15 Hans Dedeckerconfig: blobmsg_check_attr expects bool type as last...
2015-11-29 Steven BarthMerge pull request #67 from dedeckeh/bugfixes
2015-11-27 Hans Dedeckerconfig: Prioritize ifname resolving via ubus over ifnam...
2015-11-27 Hans Dedeckerconfig: Close interface when ifindex cannot be resolved
2015-08-20 Steven BarthMerge pull request #46 from stargieg/master
2015-07-14 Steven BarthRemove unsolicited unicast RAs, adjust intervals
2015-04-21 Steven Barthconfig: fix typo in reload_cb
2015-03-30 John Crispinproperly handle return codes
2014-10-17 Steven Barthndp: more fixes
2014-10-16 Steven BarthBegin rewrite of NDP-relay
2014-10-16 Steven Barthrouter: add support for router address
2014-09-25 Steven Barthconfig: remove spurious free() call
2014-08-12 sbyxMerge pull request #22 from mehlis/log-dhcp4-events
2014-08-12 sbyxMerge pull request #21 from mehlis/fix-nak-by-doing...
2014-08-12 sbyxMerge pull request #20 from mehlis/implement-dhcp4...
2014-08-12 Christian Mehlisdhcpv4: implement router configuration option
2014-07-22 Steven BarthRevert "rewrite of NDP proxy" for now
2014-07-16 Steven BarthInitial rewrite of NDP proxy
2014-06-17 Steven BarthMake hostid more convenient
2014-06-15 Steven Barthconfig: accept domains with trailing .
2014-05-30 Steven BarthMake filtering customizable
2014-05-25 Steven BarthAdd support for raw DHCPv6 attributes
2014-04-09 Steven Barthconfig: use correct defaults if interface is not in UCI
2014-04-01 Steven BarthComplete managed PD/CER-ID support
2014-02-25 Steven Barthconfig: more static ndp fixes
2014-01-23 sbyxMerge pull request #9 from dedeckeh/bugfixes
2014-01-23 Hans DedeckerFix ra_management and ndproxy_routing config overwrite
2014-01-23 Hans DedeckerMerge remote branch 'upstream/master' into bugfixes
2014-01-23 Hans DedeckerMerge remote branch 'upstream/master' into bugfixes