2020-06-23 Rosen Penevodhcpd: fix compilation with GCC10 openwrt-19.07
2020-05-05 Hans Dedeckerrouter: fix Lan host reachibility due to identical...
2019-12-16 Hans Dedeckertreewide: optimize syslog priority values
2019-09-15 Tian Haodhcpv6: retry failed PD assignments on addrlist change
2019-09-03 Hauke Mehrtensodhcpd: router: Fix out of scope memory access
2019-08-28 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6-ia: free assignment when validity timer expires
2019-08-19 Koen Aertsrouter: close socket upon NETEV_IFINDEX_CHANGE fixed
2019-08-16 Hans Dedeckerrouter: fix previous commit
2019-08-14 Koen Aertsrouter: close socket upon NETEV_IFINDEX_CHANGE
2019-08-10 Hans Dedeckerrouter: fix lingering uloop socket descriptor
2019-05-15 Dainis Jonitisconfig: remove 'ignore' config option
2019-05-15 Hans Dedeckertreewide: init assignment lists head
2019-05-14 Hans Dedeckerconfig: use list safe iterator in lease_delete
2019-05-03 Dainis Jonitisdhcpv4: fix lease ordering by ip address
2019-05-03 Dainis Jonitisconfig: use multi-stage parsing of uci sections
2019-05-03 Dainis Jonitistreewide: always init interface list heads during initi...
2019-05-03 Dainis Jonitisdhcpv4: do not allow pool end address to overlap with...
2019-05-03 Dainis Jonitistreewide: give file descriptors safe initial value
2019-05-03 Dainis Jonitisdhcpv4: DHCP pool size is off-by-one
2019-05-02 Dainis Jonitisdhcpv4: add support for Parameter Request List option 55
2019-04-26 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv4: fix DHCP packet size
2019-04-23 Hans Dedeckerndp: fix syslog flooding (FS#2242)
2019-04-23 Hans Dedeckerconfig: set default loglevel to LOG_WARNING
2019-04-19 Hans Dedeckerrouter: fix dns search list option
2019-04-17 Hans Dedeckerrouter: use ra_lifetime as lifetime for RA options...
2019-04-17 Hans Dedeckerrouter: improve code readibility
2019-04-16 Hans DedeckerRevert "router:"
2019-04-16 Hans Dedeckertreewide: align syslog loglevels
2019-04-12 Hans Dedeckerrouter:
2019-04-11 Hans Dedeckertreewide: fix compiler warnings
2019-04-11 Hans DedeckerCMakeList.txt: enable extra compiler checks
2019-04-05 Hans Dedeckerndp: create ICMPv6 socket per interface
2019-04-05 Hans Dedeckerrouter: create ICMPv6 socket per interface
2019-04-04 Hans Dedeckertreewide: initialize properly file descriptors
2019-03-29 Hans Dedeckernetlink: rework IPv4 address refresh logic
2019-03-29 Hans Dedeckernetlink: rework IPv6 address refresh logic
2019-03-27 Hans Dedeckernetlink: fix IPv6 address updates (FS#2204)
2019-03-21 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6: extra syslog tracing
2019-03-21 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6/router: add support for mutiple master interfaces
2019-03-21 Hans Dedeckerndp: fix adding proxy neighbor entries
2019-03-21 Hans Dedeckerrouter: add extra syslog tracing
2019-03-21 Hans Dedeckernetlink: fix neighbor event handling (FS#2160)
2019-02-27 Hans Dedeckerubus: always trigger an update if interface is not...
2019-02-25 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv4: fix adding assignment in list (FS#2142)
2019-02-25 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv4: fix static lease lookup
2019-02-19 Hans Dedeckerdhcp: rework assignment free logic
2019-02-18 Hans Dedeckerconfig: fix build failure in case DHCPv4 support is...
2019-02-18 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv4: fix assignment of requested IP address
2019-02-18 Hans Dedeckerdhcp: rework static lease logic
2019-02-13 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6: rapid commit support
2019-02-13 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6: fix parsing of DHCPv6 relay messages
2019-02-12 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv4: fix compile issue
2019-02-11 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6-ia: move function definitions to odhcpd.h
2019-02-11 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6: improve code readibility
2019-02-08 Hans Dedeckertreewide: unify dhcpv6 and dhcpv4 assignments
2019-02-07 Hans Dedeckernetlink: rework handling of netlink messages
2019-02-05 Hans Dedeckertreewide: use avl tree to store interfaces
2019-02-03 Hans Dedeckertreewide: align syslog tracing
2019-02-01 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6-ia: add full CONFIRM support
2019-01-31 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6-ia: rework append_reply()
2019-01-16 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6-ia: fix compiler warning
2019-01-16 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6-ia: fix onlink IA check (FS#2060)
2019-01-15 Matija Amidzicdhcpv6: add setting to choose IA_NA, IA_PD or both
2019-01-02 Hans Dedeckerrouter: add syslog tracing for skipped routes
2019-01-02 Hans Dedeckerrouter: filter route information option
2019-01-01 Hans Dedeckerrouter: make announcing DNS info configurable (FS#2020)
2018-12-31 Hans Dedeckerrouter: check return code of odhcpd_get_interface_dns_a...
2018-12-31 Hans Dedeckerconfig: check for invalid DNS addresses
2018-12-12 Hans Dedeckerodhcpd: switch to libubox container_of implementation
2018-12-12 Hans Dedeckertreewide: switch to libubox ARRAY_SIZE immplementation
2018-11-27 Hans Dedeckernetlink: fix triggering of NETEV_ADDR6LIST_CHANGE event
2018-11-23 Hamster Tianconfig: correctly break string for prefix filter
2018-10-07 Hans Dedeckerodhcpd: make DHCPv6/RA/NDP support optional
2018-09-23 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6: check return code of dhcpv6_ia_init()
2018-09-23 Hans Dedeckerrouter: don't leak RA message in relay mode (FS#1853)
2018-09-05 Hans Dedeckerodhcpd: detect broken hostnames
2018-09-03 Hans Dedeckerconfig: fix odhcpd_attrs array size
2018-07-26 Jo-Philipp... ubus: avoid dumping interface state with NULL message
2018-07-09 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv4: improve error checking in handle_dhcpv4()
2018-07-05 Hyeonsik Songodhcpd: Check if open the ioctl socket failed
2018-06-26 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6-ia: fix border assignment size setting
2018-06-26 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6-ia: fix status code for not on link IAs
2018-06-22 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6-ia: improve error checking in assign_pd()
2018-06-22 Hans Dedeckerconfig: fix wrong assignment
2018-06-22 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv4: delay forced renew transaction start
2018-06-21 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv4: fix DHCP address space logic
2018-06-15 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv4: improve logging when sending DHCP messages
2018-06-13 Hans Dedeckerodhcpd: call handle_error when socket error can be...
2018-06-07 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6: fix out of bounds write in handle_nested_message()
2018-06-07 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6-ia: log renew messages as well
2018-06-04 Hans Dedeckerrouter: fix possible segfault in send_router_advert()
2018-06-04 Hans Dedeckerodhcpd: fix passing possible negative parameter
2018-05-28 Hans Dedeckertreewide: switch to C-code style comments
2018-05-28 Hans Dedeckerrouter: improve error checking
2018-05-26 Hans Dedeckernetlink: fix incorrect sizeof argument
2018-05-24 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6: improve error checking in dhcpv6_setup_interface()
2018-05-21 Mislav Novakovicubus: fix invalid ipv6-prefix json
2018-05-16 Hans Dedeckerndp: improve error checking
2018-05-16 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv4: fix error checking in dhcpv4_setup_interface()
2018-05-15 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv4: fix out of bound access in dhcpv4_put