descriptionOpenWrt DHCP Server
last changeMon, 24 Oct 2022 19:52:14 +0000 (21:52 +0200)
2022-10-24 Kevin Darbyshire... dhcpv6-ia: make tmp lease file hidden master
2022-10-15 Rob Eklfix null pointer dereference for INFORM messages
2022-03-16 Avinash Tekumallaodhcpd: Support for Option NTP and SNTP
2022-01-10 Alin Nastacrouter: advertise removed addresses as invalid in 3...
2021-08-15 Mikael Magnussondhcpv4: fix uninitialized hostname in some ubus events
2021-08-14 Mikael Magnussondhcpv6-ia: allow up to 64 bit wide hostid
2021-07-18 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6-ia: fix invalid preferred lifetime
2021-06-13 Hans Dedeckerconfig: fix ra_flags none setting
2021-05-22 Hans Dedeckerconfig: log config parse failures to syslog
2021-04-03 Hans Dedeckercmake: enforce additonal compiler checks
2021-04-03 Hans Dedeckerodhcpd: fix extra compiler warning
2021-01-30 Nick Hainkedhcpv6-ia: apply prefix_filter on dhcpv6
2021-01-03 Nick Hainkeodhcpd: add option for setting preferred lifetime
2020-12-24 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6-ia: remove assignment equal to 0 checks
2020-12-24 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6-ia: fix logic to include IA_PD prefix with lifet...
2020-12-24 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6-ia: fix prefix delegation behavior
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2 years ago openwrt-19.07
4 years ago openwrt-18.06
4 years ago lede-17.01