Thanks to
[project/opkg-lede.git] / libbb /
2009-02-12 ticktock35Thanks to
2008-12-27 ticktock35revert R190, keep R191
2008-12-27 ticktock35Thanks for Mike Westerhof <>
2008-12-15 ticktock35opkg: trivial, clean up obsolete code, and some typo
2008-12-15 ticktock35opkg: attached patch fixes build failures with gcc...
2008-12-15 ticktock35[opkg] trivial, remove unused variable res
2008-12-15 ticktock35opkg: (leak fixing, day 3) fixed final memory leaks...
2008-12-15 ticktock35opkg: fix some initialisation and double free issues...
2008-12-15 ticktock35opkg/libbb: Patch from Esben Haabendal <esbenhaabendal...
2008-12-15 ticktock35* Rename top level ipkg directory to opkg
2008-12-15 ticktock35ipkg: remove more auto-generated files
2008-12-15 ticktock35* Add ipkg for future development