treewide: replace local mkdir_p implementations
[project/procd.git] / jail / fs.c
2020-12-12 Daniel Golletreewide: replace local mkdir_p implementations
2020-11-27 Daniel Gollejail: don't use NULL arguments for mount syscall
2020-11-27 Daniel Gollejail: leak less memory
2020-11-21 Daniel Gollejail: cgroup hack: rewrite cgroup -> cgroup2
2020-10-28 Daniel Gollejail: handle mount propagation flags
2020-07-20 Daniel Gollejail: re-implement /proc/sys/net read-write in netns...
2020-07-20 Daniel Gollejail: actually apply filesystem-specific mount options
2020-07-17 Daniel Gollejail: add support for maskedPaths and readonlyPaths
2020-07-16 Daniel Gollejail: fix some more mount options
2020-07-15 Daniel Gollejail: fs: fix build on uClibc-ng
2020-07-13 Daniel Gollejail: fix false return in case of nofail mount
2020-07-13 Daniel Gollejail: refactor mount support to cover OCI spec
2018-01-02 Rosen Penevprocd: Add %m to several functions that return errno.
2018-01-02 Rosen Penevprocd: Replace strerror(errno) with %m.
2016-06-01 Etienne CHAMPETIERjail: improve some logs
2015-12-11 Etienne CHAMPETIERujail: add O_CLOEXEC flag to open() call
2015-11-27 Etienne CHAMPETIERujail: automatically add script (#!) interpreter
2015-11-27 Etienne CHAMPETIERujail: rework fs jail part