2020-12-12 Daniel Golletreewide: replace local mkdir_p implementations
2020-12-09 Daniel Gollejail: remove unreachable code
2020-12-04 Daniel Golleearly: fall-back to run ubus as root if user can't...
2020-12-01 Daniel Gollejail: improve seccomp log output
2020-11-30 Daniel Gollejail: seccomp: improve code readability
2020-11-30 Daniel Gollejail: always call cgroups_free()
2020-11-30 Daniel Gollejail: improve seccomp BPF generator
2020-11-27 Daniel Gollejail: properly initialize timens_fd
2020-11-27 Daniel Gollejail: enter existing cgroups namespace if given
2020-11-27 Daniel Gollejail: don't attempt to mount /sys with noatime
2020-11-27 Daniel Gollejail: fix typo in usage output
2020-11-27 Daniel Gollejail: seteuid before clone(CLONE_NEWUSER)
2020-11-27 Daniel Gollejail: don't fail if can't mount-bind /etc/resolv.conf
2020-11-27 Daniel Gollejail: don't use NULL arguments for mount syscall
2020-11-27 Daniel Gollejail: relax /etc/resolv.conf creation
2020-11-27 Daniel Gollejail: fix and simplify userns uid/gid maps from OCI
2020-11-27 Daniel Gollejail: fix segfault on missing name and refactor
2020-11-27 Daniel Gollejail: leak less memory
2020-11-22 Daniel Gollejail: add 'debug' extern variable to preload_seccomp
2020-11-22 Daniel Golleuxc: also delete procd runtime state on 'delete'
2020-11-22 Daniel Golleuxc: fix incomplete commit
2020-11-21 Daniel Gollejail: cgroup hack: rewrite cgroup -> cgroup2
2020-11-21 Daniel Golleseccomp: silence 'unknown syscall' warnings
2020-11-21 Daniel Golleuxc: make force-delete kill container process
2020-11-17 Daniel Golletrace: switch to OCI seccomp JSON output
2020-11-15 Daniel Golleseccomp: switch to new OCI compliant parser
2020-11-15 Daniel Golleseccomp: specifying architectures is optional
2020-11-07 Daniel Gollejail: fix capabilities
2020-10-28 Daniel Golleuxc: mimic runc cmdline by using getopt_long
2020-10-28 Daniel Gollejail: don't fail if maskedPath cannot be found
2020-10-28 Daniel Gollejail: add support for absolute root path in OCI spec
2020-10-28 Daniel Gollejail: relax seccomp unknown syscall handling
2020-10-28 Daniel Gollejail: handle mount propagation flags
2020-10-28 Daniel Gollejail: add option for pidfile
2020-10-28 Daniel Gollejail: guard boolean blobmsg attributes
2020-10-23 Daniel Golleujail: elf: work around GCC bug on MIPS64
2020-10-22 Daniel Gollejail: mount more stuff read-only
2020-10-21 Daniel Gollejail: capabilities: apply in two phases
2020-10-19 Daniel Gollejail: nuke old capabilities code in favour of reusing...
2020-10-19 Daniel Golleinstance: actually wire up capabilities filename
2020-10-19 Daniel Gollejail: adapt to new ubus socket path
2020-10-19 Daniel Golleearly: run ubusd non-root as user ubus, group ubus
2020-08-13 Daniel Gollecgroups: memory controller fixes
2020-08-13 Daniel Gollecgroups: restrict allowed keys in 'unified' section
2020-08-10 Thomas Petazzoniinitd/init: add minimal SELinux policy loading support
2020-08-06 Daniel Gollejail: fix freeing cgroups avl
2020-08-06 Daniel Gollejail: only free cgroups if they were allocated
2020-08-06 Daniel Gollejail: parse OCI cgroups resources
2020-08-06 Daniel Golleinstance: add instances into unified cgroup hierarchy
2020-08-06 Daniel Gollejail: make use of BLOBMSG_CAST_INT64 for OCI rlimits
2020-08-06 Daniel Gollejail: use pidns semantics also for timens
2020-08-06 Daniel Golleinitd: attempt to mount cgroup2
2020-07-30 Daniel Golleservice: add method to query available container features
2020-07-30 Daniel Golleuxc: remove debugging left-over
2020-07-30 Daniel Golleinstance: make sure values are not inherited from previ...
2020-07-29 Daniel Golleuxc: use new container.%s kill ubus API
2020-07-29 Daniel Gollejail: add 'kill' method to container.%s object
2020-07-29 Daniel Golleuxc: fix create operation
2020-07-28 Daniel Golleuxc: behave more like a compliant OCI run-time
2020-07-28 Daniel Gollejail: add some remaining OCI features
2020-07-25 Daniel Gollejail: serialize hook execution
2020-07-25 Daniel Gollejail: fix build on glibc and uclibc
2020-07-21 Daniel Gollejail: add support for referencing existing namespaces
2020-07-20 Rosen Penevjail: fix wrong format for 32-bit
2020-07-20 Rosen PenevrcS: cast format string to int64_t
2020-07-20 Daniel Gollejail: re-implement /proc/sys/net read-write in netns...
2020-07-20 Daniel Gollejail: refactor default mounts into new structure
2020-07-20 Daniel Gollejail: actually apply filesystem-specific mount options
2020-07-20 Daniel Gollejail: add support for defining devices
2020-07-20 Daniel Gollejail: move /tmp/resolv.conf.d to /dev/resolv.conf.d
2020-07-19 Daniel Gollejail: /proc/$pid/oom_score_adj to OCI defined oomScoreAdj
2020-07-19 Daniel Gollejail: parse and apply POSIX rlimits
2020-07-19 Daniel Gollejail: read and apply umask from OCI if defined
2020-07-19 Daniel Gollejail: implement OCI user additionalGIDs
2020-07-19 Daniel Gollejail: parse and apply OCI sysctl values
2020-07-19 Daniel Gollejail: fix hooks
2020-07-17 Daniel Gollejail: add support for maskedPaths and readonlyPaths
2020-07-16 Daniel Gollejail: fix some more mount options
2020-07-15 Daniel Gollejail: fs: fix build on uClibc-ng
2020-07-15 Daniel Golleprocd: fix compile if procd-ujail is not selected
2020-07-13 Daniel Gollejail: fix false return in case of nofail mount
2020-07-13 Daniel Baileyprocd: add service instance watchdog
2020-07-13 Daniel Golleuxc: fix build with uClibc-ng
2020-07-13 Daniel Golleuxc: fix 'stop' command
2020-07-13 Daniel Gollejail: don't make mount source read-only
2020-07-13 Daniel Gollejail: refactor mount support to cover OCI spec
2020-07-13 Daniel Gollejail: memory allocation fixes
2020-07-13 Daniel Gollejail: parse and run OCI hooks
2020-07-13 Daniel Gollejail: actually chdir into OCI defined CWD
2020-07-13 Daniel Gollejail: consider PATH for argv in OCI container
2020-07-13 Daniel Gollejail: fix segfault with len(uidmap/gidmap) > 1
2020-07-11 Rosen Penevprocd: fix compilation with uClibc-ng
2020-07-11 Daniel Gollejail: use linux/capability.h instead of sys/capability.h
2020-07-11 Daniel Golleujail: add dependency on syscall-names-h
2020-07-10 Daniel Gollejail: fix build on platforms without seccomp support
2020-07-10 Daniel Golleuxc: add container management CLI tool
2020-07-10 Daniel Gollejail: add support for running OCI bundle
2020-05-28 Daniel Gollejail: handle containers seperately
2020-05-28 Daniel Gollejail: use sane termios settings for console pts
2020-05-15 Daniel Gollejail: add option to provide /dev/console to containers