nmea.c: set _BSD_SOURCE to have timegm() & stime() on musl
[project/ugps.git] / nmea.c
2018-11-11 Alexander Couzensnmea.c: set _BSD_SOURCE to have timegm() & stime()...
2018-07-12 John Crispincheck timegm return code
2018-07-12 Alexander Couzensnmea.c: Add null byte to nmea fields
2018-02-12 John Crispinremove deprication warning
2018-02-12 Giovani Espindolaugps: Only convert lat and lon to negative after parsing
2016-10-22 Thomas HoogeSwitched from strptime to sscanf, added command line...
2016-09-05 Petr Štetiarugps: Simplify and fix position computation from GPRMC...
2016-08-18 John Crispinfix ms->deg conversion
2016-08-18 John Crispinfix reading of speed
2016-07-24 Petr ŠtetiarAllow bigger lat/lng numbers in RMC message
2016-07-24 Petr ŠtetiarShow more useful error message if we can't open GPS...
2016-07-24 Petr ŠtetiarFix typo in error message
2016-07-24 Petr ŠtetiarUse strsep for NMEA message tokenization
2016-07-24 Petr ŠtetiarSwitch to ulog for logging and add few commandline...
2015-08-11 John Crispinlat/lng format when printing is incorrect
2015-08-11 John Crispintypo fix
2014-08-01 John CrispinImport