2017-01-03 Jo-Philipp... Add deprecation notice master
2016-11-05 Mathias Kresinadd forum and bugtracker link to side nav
2016-10-24 Christian Lamparterdocs: update uci's wireless reconfiguration text
2016-10-16 Hauke Mehrtensabout: add [florian] and mirko
2016-10-16 Alberto Bursiadding wiki link
2016-10-16 Alberto Bursiadding link to wiki
2016-10-14 Mathias Kresinadd myself to the developer list
2016-10-14 Marvin ArnoldCorrect kernel sign-off docs reference
2016-10-13 Sigurd HogsbroUpdated firewall documentation with ipset example;...
2016-10-13 Sigurd HogsbroImprove readability
2016-10-13 Sigurd HogsbroProvide detailed instructions on how to submit PRs...
2016-10-10 DanielFixes misplaced "firewall" reference.
2016-10-06 bobafetthotmailadded line to explain how to add pages to navbars
2016-10-06 bobafetthotmailadded missing entries to show new docs on doc nav
2016-09-29 Marvin ArnoldUpdate patch instructions and architecture discovery...
2016-08-27 Jo-Philipp... faq: reorder answers
2016-08-26 Jo-Philipp... faq: rework company support A
2016-08-26 Jo-Philipp... faq: rewrite upgrade A
2016-08-26 Jo-Philipp... faq: properly link to communication page
2016-08-26 Jo-Philipp... Clarify repos tracked by the commits ml
2016-08-26 Karl Palssondocs: dropbear: cover the mdns option
2016-08-26 Karl Palssondocs: mdns: initial basic coverage
2016-08-26 Karl Palssongemfile: add json requirement.
2016-08-25 Alexander Couzensrpcd: fix mistype deamon -> daemon
2016-08-10 Jo-Philipp... Add Libre-Mesh endorsement
2016-08-02 Jo-Philipp... Add link to signing on downloads page
2016-08-02 Jo-Philipp... Add public key fingerprint page and generator script.
2016-08-02 Jo-Philipp... Update file verification / signing documentation.
2016-07-26 StanAdded missing dots. Signed-off-by: Stan Grishin <stangr...
2016-07-26 StanGrammar fix Signed-off-by: Stan Grishin <stangri@melmac...
2016-07-31 Jonas Gorskiuci_network: remove /proc/switch references
2016-07-24 Daniel Golledocs: index: replace 'router' with 'device'
2016-07-24 Daniel Golledocs: development: add instructions for staging trees
2016-07-21 Rich BrownEditorial tweaks to "Getting Started" page
2016-07-21 Rich BrownFirst cut at Getting Started page
2016-07-17 Jo-Philipp... Add missing header to add new device page
2016-07-15 Álvaro Fernández... Add HTTPS link to Singapore mirror
2016-07-13 Jo-Philipp... Add FTP link to singapore mirror
2016-07-12 bobafetthotmailadding "device support" dev documentation
2016-07-12 bobafetthotmailadding a stub of development documentation
2016-07-12 Philip GuytonMinor FAQ re-wording / grammar fix.
2016-07-12 Philip GuytonFix minor FAQ subtitle typo
2016-07-12 Tristan B.... Spelling fix
2016-07-12 StanFixed typo
2016-07-07 Jo-Philipp... Add singapore mirror
2016-07-05 Chris Swanremove dupe any
2016-07-02 Hauke Mehrtenspages: move faq page to correct folder
2016-07-02 Rafał Miłeckidocs: fix rpcd page header syntax
2016-07-01 Hauke Mehrtenspages: add FAQ page
2016-07-01 Hauke Mehrtenspages: convert http to https links
2016-07-01 Rafał Miłeckidocs: add page with basic rpcd info
2016-06-28 Jo-Philipp... Remover leftover markup
2016-06-28 Jo-Philipp... Add new mailing lists
2016-06-28 Jo-Philipp... Add Wiki ToDo item
2016-06-28 Jo-Philipp... Remove some outdated ToDo items
2016-06-16 John Crispinfix the issue tracker url
2016-06-16 John Crispinupdate bugs section and point the page at flyspray
2016-06-14 Jo-Philipp... Rework index page and move text
2016-06-14 Jo-Philipp... Rework corporate contact paragraph
2016-06-12 Francisco FerreiraImprove procd text
2016-06-11 Jo-Philipp... Add bmx6.net endorsement
2016-06-08 Alexander CouzensAdd weimarnetz endoresement
2016-06-06 Jonas Gorskiadd myself to about.txt
2016-06-05 Stijn SegersUCI Defaults: fix minor typo.
2016-06-05 Jo-Philipp... Add Seattle https url
2016-06-05 Jo-Philipp... Add SNT rsync url
2016-06-05 Jo-Philipp... Add missing logo
2016-06-05 Jo-Philipp... Add wirelesspt endoresement
2016-06-01 Jo-Philipp... Use washington state
2016-06-01 Jo-Philipp... Add Seattle mirror
2016-05-27 Stijn SegersUCI: expanded a bit, clarified difference between singl...
2016-05-27 Zhong JianxinUse sans font for top bar toggle menu and links
2016-05-27 Stijn Segers UCI Defaults: fixed a few formatting and typographic...
2016-05-26 Stijn SegersAdd new page explaining failsafe mode
2016-05-26 Stijn SegersAdd short page on UCI defaults
2016-05-26 Jo-Philipp... side_nav: re-priorize links and change archive link...
2016-05-24 John Crispinupdate todo list
2016-05-24 John Crispindocs: update procd docs a bit WIP
2016-05-24 BorrominiRename header from 'Documents' to 'Documentation'
2016-05-24 Jo-Philipp... Downloads: fix markup incompatibilities between asciido...
2016-05-24 Jo-Philipp... Add some little testing instructions
2016-05-24 Jo-Philipp... Update README
2016-05-24 Zhong JianxinMove docs tree to the left
2016-05-24 Zhong JianxinAdd space between logo and title
2016-05-24 Zhong JianxinAdd css by @jow- about top bar
2016-05-24 Zhong JianxinIncrease line height
2016-05-24 Zhong JianxinAdd LEDE logo
2016-05-24 Zhong JianxinAdd docs nav and side nav
2016-05-24 Zhong JianxinAdd fontawesome fonts
2016-05-24 Zhong JianxinRemove author and copyright meta
2016-05-24 Zhong JianxinChange site description
2016-05-24 Zhong JianxinAdd footer about last updated time
2016-05-24 Zhong JianxinDisable hard line breaks
2016-05-24 Zhong JianxinRemove docs menu.inc and uci_menu.inc
2016-05-24 Zhong JianxinAdd top navigator
2016-05-24 Zhong JianxinRemove menu.inc
2016-05-24 Zhong JianxinUpdate and use lede.css
2016-05-24 Zhong JianxinRemove duplicated js reference
2016-05-24 Zhong JianxinAdd site.prefix config
2016-05-24 Zhong JianxinAdd yaml front matter to all asciidoc files