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last changeWed, 7 Jun 2023 11:16:32 +0000 (13:16 +0200)
24 hours ago Robert Markoipq807x: use updated CPUFreq NVMEM support main master
24 hours ago Robert Markogeneric: 6.1: backport Qualcomm CPUFreq NVMEM changes
41 hours ago Aleksander... kernel: ltq-ptm: do not write directly to dev->addr
41 hours ago Robert Markokernel: bump 6.1 to 6.1.32
41 hours ago Robert Markoipq807x: mark MDT loader fix as backport
41 hours ago Robert Markoipq807x: refresh kernel config
41 hours ago Robert Markoipq807x: renumber upstreamed patches
47 hours ago Daniel Gollemediatek: use DEVICE_DTC_FLAGS and drop DTC_FLAGS where...
47 hours ago Daniel Gollemediatek: use DEVICE_DTC_FLAGS for BPi-R64
47 hours ago Daniel Golleimage: introduce DEVICE_DTC_FLAGS and DEVICE_DTCO_FLAGS
2 days ago Christian Marangigeneric: backport initial LEDs hw control support
2 days ago Daniel Gollemediatek: set new compat version if booted on R64 and R3
3 days ago Daniel Gollemediatek: sync MT7986 device trees with upstream
3 days ago Daniel Gollemediatek: use updated device tree overlay mechanism...
3 days ago Daniel Golleuboot-mediatek: adapt BPi-R3 and BPi-R64 to new device...
3 days ago Daniel Gollegeneric: use only first element in bootconf for uImage.FIT
37 hours ago v23.05.0-rc1 OpenWrt v23.05.0-rc1 Release
5 weeks ago v21.02.7 OpenWrt v21.02.7 Release
5 weeks ago v22.03.5 OpenWrt v22.03.5 Release
8 weeks ago v21.02.6 OpenWrt v21.02.6 Release
8 weeks ago v22.03.4 OpenWrt v22.03.4 Release
5 months ago v22.03.3 OpenWrt v22.03.3 Release
7 months ago v21.02.5 OpenWrt v21.02.5 Release
7 months ago v22.03.2 OpenWrt v22.03.2 Release
7 months ago v22.03.1 OpenWrt v22.03.1 Release
7 months ago v21.02.4 OpenWrt v21.02.4 Release
9 months ago v22.03.0 OpenWrt v22.03.0 Release
10 months ago v22.03.0-rc6 OpenWrt v22.03.0-rc6 Release
11 months ago v22.03.0-rc5 OpenWrt v22.03.0-rc5 Release
11 months ago v22.03.0-rc4 OpenWrt v22.03.0-rc4 Release
12 months ago v22.03.0-rc3 OpenWrt v22.03.0-rc3 Release
12 months ago v22.03.0-rc2 OpenWrt v22.03.0-rc2 Release
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