descriptionLibrary for accessing wireless device drivers
last changeMon, 10 Sep 2018 07:10:48 +0000 (09:10 +0200)
2018-09-10 Rosen Peneviwinfo: Add Mikrotik R11e-2HPnD and R11e-5HacT to hardw... master
2018-07-31 Jo-Philipp... Revert "build: compile with -ffunction-sections, -fdata...
2018-07-31 Jo-Philipp... wl: only invoke nvram executable if it exists
2018-07-26 Jo-Philipp... build: compile with -ffunction-sections, -fdata-section...
2018-07-24 Jo-Philipp... nl80211: attempt to query Mesh ID from ubus
2018-07-24 Jo-Philipp... utils: add simple ubus query support
2018-07-23 Jo-Philipp... nl80211: add support for obtaining bssid from NL80211_C...
2018-07-23 Jo-Philipp... nl80211: handle Mesh ID IE
2018-07-16 Daniel Danzbergeriwinfo: nl80211: add survey.
2018-07-16 Daniel Danzbergeriwinfo: nl80211: add more stats to assoclist.
2018-04-26 Jo-Philipp... hardware: add device ids for QCA9984, 88W8887 and 88W89...
2018-04-26 Jo-Philipp... nl80211: back out early when receiving FAIL-BUSY reply
2018-04-09 Rafał Miłeckinl80211: fix code calculating average signal and rate
2018-02-15 Daniel Golleadd support for expected throughput
2018-01-17 Olof Sivertssonnl80211: do not block when driver aborts scan
2018-01-17 Jo-Philipp... nl80211: turn nl80211_wait() into variadic function
5 weeks ago master