descriptionOpenWrt Network interface configuration daemon
last changeThu, 31 Jan 2019 21:03:00 +0000 (22:03 +0100)
2019-01-31 Alin Nastacsystem-linux: handle hotplug event socket ENOBUFS errors master
2018-12-17 Kevin Darbyshire... proto: fix logic inversion in previous commit
2018-12-16 Dave Tahtproto: Support class-e addressing in netifd
2018-12-13 Hans Dedeckersystem-linux: get rid of SIOCSDEVPRIVATE
2018-11-26 Hans Dedeckerinterface: fix return code of __interface_add()
2018-11-26 Hans Dedeckernetifd: fix resource leak on error in netifd_add_dynamic()
2018-11-26 Hans Dedeckerconfig: fix resource leaks on error in config_parse_int...
2018-11-26 Hans Dedeckerinterface: fix memory leak on error in __interface_add()
2018-11-19 Hans Dedeckertreewide: switch to C-code style comments
2018-11-19 Hans Dedeckertreewide: make some functions static
2018-11-16 Hans Dedeckerinterface: fix removal of dynamic interfaces
2018-11-13 Hans Dedeckerinterface: rework code to get rid of interface_set_dynamic
2018-10-17 Hans Dedeckersystem-linux: enable by default ignore encaplimit for...
2018-10-16 Hans Dedeckersystem-linux: fix a typo in gre tunnel data parsing...
2018-10-12 Hauke Mehrtenswireless: Add WPA-EAP-SUITE-B-192 (WPA3-Enterprise)
2018-10-12 Hauke Mehrtenswireless: Add Opportunistic Wireless Encryption (OWE)
2 weeks ago master
2 weeks ago openwrt-18.06