descriptionLEDE buildbot configuration
last changeFri, 28 Jul 2023 06:51:08 +0000 (08:51 +0200)
2023-07-28 Ben Whittendocker,worker: install pyelftools master v9
2023-07-24 Petr Štetiarphase1: workaround dlprune recursive directory removal v8
2023-07-22 Petr Štetiarphase1: prepareFactory: use variables instead of list...
2023-07-22 Petr Štetiarphase1: populateTargets: log branch name as well
2023-07-22 Petr Štetiarphase1: do not leak targets between branches
2023-06-18 Petr Štetiarphase1: reformat with black
2023-06-03 Petr Štetiarphase1: dlprune: fix cannot delete ‘dl/’: Not a directory v7
2023-05-23 Thibaut VARÈNEphase1: satisfy requirements v6
2023-05-23 Thibaut VARÈNEphase1: cleanup redundant steps v5
2023-05-17 Petr Štetiarphase1: workaround gitverify 1st build failures on... v4
2023-05-17 Alois Klinkdocker,worker: install g++-multilib
2023-05-16 Petr Štetiarci: add basic config checking with ruff v3
2023-05-16 Thibaut VARÈNEphase1: actually make rsync -4 configurable
2023-05-16 Thibaut VARÈNEphase1: perform kmodupload only when needed
2023-05-15 Petr Štetiarphase1: fix crash on exception during Git update v2
2023-05-15 Petr Štetiarci: allow pushing of containers during pull requests
8 weeks ago v9 * docker,worker: install pyelftools
2 months ago v8 * phase1: workaround dlprune recurs...
3 months ago v7 * phase1: dlprune: fix cannot delet...
4 months ago v6 * phase1: satisfy require...
4 months ago v5 * phase1: cleanup redundant steps
4 months ago v4 More fixes
4 months ago v3 Fixes
4 months ago v2 Huge update
4 months ago v1
8 weeks ago master