descriptionLEDE buildbot configuration
last changeSat, 26 Mar 2022 09:18:10 +0000 (10:18 +0100)
2022-03-26 Petr Štetiarphase2: fix just another byte/string inconsistencies master
2022-03-25 Petr ŠtetiarBump to latest Buildbot release 3.5.0 staging/ynezz/buildbot-v3.5.0
2022-02-23 Petr Štetiarphase2: handle missing change sources
2022-02-23 Petr Štetiarphase2: fix obsolete assumption about feed methods
2022-02-23 Petr ŠtetiarBump to latest Buildbot release 3.4.1
2022-01-22 Petr ŠtetiarBump to latest Buildbot release 3.4.0
2021-11-03 Petr Štetiarci: docker: deploy automatically only on default branch...
2021-11-03 Paul Spoorendocker: install `mkisofs` to worker container
2021-11-03 Paul Spoorendocker: sort installed packages alphabetically
2021-11-03 Paul Spoorendocker: deploy only manually and on master/tags
2021-07-21 Petr Štetiarphase1,phase2: improve round robin builds
2021-06-28 Petr ŠtetiarBump to latest Buildbot release 3.2.0
2021-04-02 Tony Ambardardocker,worker: install libelf-dev, libdw-dev
2021-03-25 Petr Štetiarbuildworker: provide OpenWrt version in description
2021-03-25 Petr Štetiarbuildmaster: provide OpenWrt version in About section
2021-03-25 Petr Štetiarphase1,phase2: add file space usage reporting
12 months ago master
12 months ago staging/ynezz/buildbot-v3.5.0
18 months ago staging/aparcar/mkisofs
2 years ago deployment-2020-11-13
2 years ago deployment-2020-11-07
2 years ago deployment-2020-07-30