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last changeSat, 30 May 2020 10:01:08 +0000 (12:01 +0200)
8 hours ago John Crispinmac80211: fix wifi teardown master
9 hours ago Adrian Schmutzlerbcm53xx: remove support for kernel 4.14
9 hours ago Adrian Schmutzlerbcm47xx: remove support for kernel 4.14
10 hours ago Daniel Gollemac80211: rt2x00: backport patch enabling MFP
19 hours ago Daniel Golleugps: nmea: make sure date is valid
20 hours ago Adrian Schmutzlerar71xx: fix splitting firmware partition for TL-WR902AC v1
34 hours ago Jo-Philipp... qos-scripts: fix interface resolving
47 hours ago DENG Qingfangccache: update to 3.7.9
2 days ago Álvaro Fernández... bcm27xx: update to latest patches from RPi foundation
2 days ago Álvaro Fernández... bcm27xx-userland: update to latest version
2 days ago Daniel Golleprocd: update to git HEAD
2 days ago Enrique Rodríguez... hostapd: Add disable_vht when using NOHT/HT* modes
2 days ago Enrique Rodríguez... mac80211: Fix setting radio htmode when using mesh...
2 days ago Jo-Philipp... broadcom-wl: don't inherit lock descriptor in nas process
2 days ago Álvaro Fernández... bcm27xx-userland: update to latest version with 64...
2 days ago Jakov Petrinalinux: mvebu: backport mvneta XDP support fixes
2 weeks ago v19.07.3 OpenWrt v19.07.3 Release
3 months ago v19.07.2 OpenWrt v19.07.2 Release
3 months ago v18.06.8 OpenWrt v18.06.8 Release
4 months ago v18.06.7 OpenWrt v18.06.7 Release
4 months ago v19.07.1 OpenWrt v19.07.1 Release
4 months ago v19.07.0 OpenWrt v19.07.0 Release
4 months ago v18.06.6 OpenWrt v18.06.6 Release
5 months ago v19.07.0-rc2 OpenWrt v19.07.0-rc2 Release
6 months ago v18.06.5 OpenWrt v18.06.5 Release
6 months ago v19.07.0-rc1 OpenWrt v19.07.0-rc1 Release
11 months ago v18.06.4 OpenWrt v18.06.4 Release
11 months ago v18.06.3 OpenWrt v18.06.3 Release
11 months ago v17.01.7 LEDE v17.01.7 Release
15 months ago v18.06.2 OpenWrt v18.06.2 Release
20 months ago v17.01.6 LEDE v17.01.6 Release
21 months ago v18.06.1 OpenWrt v18.06.1 Release
8 hours ago master
20 hours ago openwrt-19.07
3 days ago openwrt-18.06
6 months ago lede-17.01