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last changeWed, 4 May 2022 20:13:55 +0000 (22:13 +0200)
2022-05-04 Mathias Kresindnsmasq: full: disable ipset support by default master staging/master
2022-05-04 Mathias Kresindnsmasq: nftset: serve from ipset config
2022-05-04 Kevin Darbyshire... dnsmasq: Enable dnsmasqs new nftables support
2022-05-04 Kevin Darbyshire... dnsmasq: bump to 2.87test8
2022-05-04 Mathias Kresindnsmasq: add uci-defaults script for ipset migration
2022-05-04 Arınç ÜNALpackages: nvram: add NVRAM quirks for bcm53xx target
2022-05-04 Tiago Gasparfirewall: config: remove restictions on DHCPv6 allow...
2022-05-04 Jan Hoffmannltq-vdsl-app: disconnect when service is stopped
2022-05-04 Jan Hoffmannltq-vdsl/ltq-adsl: fix elapsed time calculation
2022-05-04 Jan Hoffmannltq-atm/ltq-ptm: avoid unnecessary build dependencies
2022-05-04 Daniel Golleuqmi: update to git HEAD
2022-05-03 Daniel Gollefstools: update to git HEAD
2022-05-03 Daniel Golleprocd: update to git HEAD
2022-05-02 Daniel Gollebase-files: simplify restorecon logic
2022-05-02 Dominick Griftselinux-policy: update to version 1.1
2022-05-02 Enrico Miosoipq40xx: fix BDF file for pcie wifi chip on the GL...
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2 years ago ltq_dts_pci_cleanup