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1 \subsection{How to contribute}
2 OpenWrt is constantly being improved. We'd like as many people to contribute
3 to this as we can get. If you find a change useful, by all means try to get
4 it incorporated into the project. This should improve OpenWrt and it should
5 help carry your changes forward into future versions
7 This section tries to lay out a procedure to enable people to submit patches
8 in a way that is most effective for all concerned.
10 It is important to do all these steps repeatedly:
12 \begin{itemize}
13 \item \textit{listen} to what other people think.
14 \item \textit{talk} explaining what problem you are addressing and your
15 proposed solution.
16 \item \textit{do} write useful patches including documentation.
17 \item \textit{test. test. test.}
18 \end{itemize}
20 \subsection{Where to listen and talk}
22 \begin{itemize}
23 \item google to find things related to your problem
24 \item Mailing lists: \href{}{}
25 \item Wiki: check the wiki: \href{}{}
26 \item Forum: \href{}{}
27 \item IRC: \texttt{}, channels \texttt{\#openwrt} and
28 \texttt{\#openwrt-devel}
29 \item TRAC: \href{}{} the issue/bug/change tracking system
30 \end{itemize}
32 It is often best to document what you are doing before you do it. The process
33 of documentation often exposes possible improvements. Keep your documentation
34 up to date.
36 \subsection{Patch Submission Process}
37 \begin{enumerate}
38 \item Use git or svn to create a patch. Creating patches manually with
39 \textit{diff -urN} also works, but is usually unnecessary.
40 \item Send a mail to with the following contents:
41 \begin{enumerate}
42 \item \texttt{[PATCH] <short description>} in the Subject, followed by:
43 \item (optional) a longer description of your patch in the message body
44 \item \texttt{Signed-off-by: Your name <your@email.address>}
45 \item Your actual patch, inline, not word wrapped or whitespace mangled.
46 \end{enumerate}
47 \item Please read \href{\_Clients\_and\_Patches}{\_Clients\_and\_Patches}
48 to find out how to make sure your email client doesn't destroy your patch.
49 \item Please use your real name and email address in the \texttt{Signed-off-by}
50 line, following the same guidelines as in the \href{;a=blob;f=Documentation/SubmittingPatches;h=681e2b36195c98ea5271b76383b3a574b190b04f;hb=HEAD}{Linux Kernel patch submission guidelines}
51 \item Example of a properly formatted patch submission: \\
52 \href{}{}
53 \end{enumerate}