descriptionOpenWrt system message/RPC bus
last changeWed, 8 Sep 2021 10:25:31 +0000 (12:25 +0200)
2021-09-08 Felix Fietkaulibubus: increase stack depth for processing obj msgs master
2021-09-08 Felix Fietkaulibubus: process pending messages in data handler if...
2021-09-08 Felix Fietkaulibubus: use list_empty/list_first_entry in ubus_proces...
2021-09-07 Rafał Miłeckiubusd: log ACL init errors
2021-06-30 Alexander Van... ubusd: fix tx_queue linked list usage
2021-06-02 Julian Squiresubusd: protect against too-short messages
2021-05-31 Arnout Vandecappelle... ubusd: add per-client tx queue limit
2021-05-31 Arnout Vandecappelle... ubusd: convert tx_queue to linked list
2021-02-15 Felix Fietkaucmake: add a possibility to set library version
2020-12-04 Daniel Golleubusd: attempt to create socket folder
2020-10-25 Ansuel Smithubusd_acl: add support for wildcard in methods
2020-10-19 Daniel Golleubus: move /var/run/ubus.sock to /var/run/ubus/ubus...
2020-08-05 Petr Štetiartests: cram: fix usage test
2020-08-05 Rafał Miłeckicli: document usage of "subscribe" command
2020-03-15 Alin Nastaclua: avoid truncation of large numeric values
2020-01-05 Peter Stadlerubus: make libubus ready for linking into C++
4 months ago master
6 months ago openwrt-19.07