ath79: add support for ELECOM WRC-1750GHBK2-I/C
[openwrt/openwrt.git] / target / linux / ath79 / dts / ar9330_glinet_ar150.dts
2018-12-17 Petr Štetiartreewide: dts: Remove default-state=off property from...
2018-12-06 Petr Štetiarath79: Define firmware partition format to all boards...
2018-08-15 Dmitry Tuninath79: add support for indicating the boot state using...
2018-08-08 Mathias Kresinath79: fix dts warnings
2018-08-08 Mathias Kresinath79: fix node names
2018-07-30 Chuanhong Guoath79: ar933x: Update dts for current ag71xx driver
2018-06-28 Chuanhong Guoath79: Remove all memory nodes defined in dts
2018-06-16 Johann Neuhauserath79: clean up led config script files for all devices
2018-06-08 Karl Palssonath79: glinet ar150: fix DTC warnings
2018-05-24 John Crispinath79: make ahb wifi work
2018-05-17 Mathias Kresinath79: fix dts files