make the serial poirt used by prom.c configurable for ifxmips
[openwrt/svn-archive/archive.git] / target / linux / ifxmips / files / arch / mips / ifxmips / prom.c
2008-06-28 John Crispinmake the serial poirt used by prom.c configurable for...
2008-06-28 John Crispinlots of ifxmips cleanups
2008-06-25 John Crispincleanup ifxmips and add support for both ttyS
2008-06-23 John Crispinlots of code cleanup for ifxmips
2008-06-22 John Crispinfixes several compile errors, reserves memory for secon...
2008-06-07 John Crispinfixes ifxmips pci support and adds GENERIC_GPIO
2008-05-08 John Crispinbump ifxmips to
2008-01-12 John Crispinrevert some breakage
2007-12-26 John Crispinadd selection of console driver for ifxmips
2007-12-26 John Crispinremove functions that was moved to board.c
2007-12-22 John Crispinmore danube 2 ifxmips transitions