[package] also install rbash (#6927)
[openwrt/svn-archive/archive.git] / utils / at /
2009-06-13 Hauke Mehrtens[packages] Various Makefile cleanups.
2009-04-29 Nicolas Thill[packages] massive change: replace occurences of -I...
2009-04-17 Felix Fietkaunuke $Id$ in /packages as well
2008-10-20 Florian FainelliMakefile cleanup and explicitely disable pam headers...
2008-10-17 Andy Boyett[packages] utils/at: explicitly pass jobdir and spooldi...
2008-09-21 Florian FainelliFix at compilation
2008-06-12 Matteo Crocetypo in filename
2008-04-21 Matteo Crocepackaged the atd daemon