descriptionOpenWrt Network interface configuration daemon
last changeThu, 21 May 2020 18:08:48 +0000 (20:08 +0200)
11 days ago Pau Espin Pedrolvlandev: support setting ingress/egress QoS mappings master
2020-04-14 Daniel Golleinterface, system: clean up netns functionality
2020-04-13 Daniel Golleinterface: fix jail ifdown and jails without jail_ifname
2020-04-13 Daniel Golleinterface: allow renaming interface when moving to...
2020-04-13 Daniel Golleinterface: allocate and free memory for jail name
2020-03-27 Alin Nastacsystem-linux: fix PATH_MAX undeclared compilation error
2020-03-26 Rosen Penevsystem-linux: fix compilation with musl 1.2.0
2020-02-05 Alin Nastacinterface-ip: transfer prefix route ownership for depre...
2020-01-18 Daniel Golleadd basic support for jail network namespaces
2020-01-04 Daniel Gollemove to /tmp/resolv.conf.d/
2019-12-04 Jo-Philipp... Revert "interface: warn if ip6hint is truncated"
2019-11-29 Uwe Kleine... interface: warn if ip6hint is truncated
2019-11-12 John Crispinwireless: make reconf opt-in and allow serializing...
2019-10-25 John Crispinwireless: add ubus method for reloading configuration
2019-08-05 Hans Dedeckersystem-linux: fix resource leak
2019-07-22 Hans Dedeckersystem-linux: Coverity fixes
11 days ago master
16 months ago openwrt-18.06