descriptionOpenWrt Network interface configuration daemon
last changeTue, 31 May 2022 14:44:55 +0000 (15:44 +0100)
2022-05-31 Junnan Xuinterface-ip: fix memory corruption bug when using... master
2022-05-23 Daniel Gollenetifd: fix hwmode for 60g band
2022-05-19 Felix Fietkauinterface-ip: add support for excluding interfaces...
2022-05-19 Felix Fietkauinterface-ip: unify host and proto route handling
2022-02-20 Petr Štetiarcmake: fix usage of implicit library and include paths
2022-02-20 Julian Squiresnetifd: interface-ip: don't set fib6 policies if ipv6...
2022-02-04 Jo-Philipp... system-linux: expose hw-tc-offload ethtool feature...
2022-02-01 Felix Fietkausystem-linux: add wrapper function for creating link...
2022-02-01 Felix Fietkausystem-linux: delete bridge devices using netlink
2022-02-01 Felix Fietkausystem-linux: create bridge devices using netlink
2022-01-22 Matthew Haganiprule: add support for uidrange
2022-01-14 Hans Dedeckersystem: fix compilation with glibc 2.34
2022-01-12 Hans DedeckerRevert "netifd: add devtype to ubus call"
2022-01-12 Florian Eckertnetifd: add devtype to ubus call
2021-12-25 Florian Eckertnetifd: add devtype to ubus call
2021-12-12 Vladislav Grigoryevnetifd: allow disabling rule/rule6 config sections
4 weeks ago master
7 months ago openwrt-21.02
17 months ago openwrt-19.07
3 years ago openwrt-18.06